Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally! Beach Weather!

What an awesome weekend! Friday I was all about heading to the pool after work. But after a brain dead afternoon (seriously, I could not function at all!) I decided to meet a few friends over at the art gallery in Rosemary Beach to check out a mural painting expo called The Art Miles Mural Project. Murals are being painted all over the world to promote world peace. Once all of the murals are complete (this is a 12 year project) they will be wrapped around one of the pyramids. It was pretty awesome. And yes, they did have wine. :) And no. I did not see Lance :(

Saturday morning we had a great ride planned. Driving up to Bruce I was a bit stressed out because the sun had not burned off the fog. But once the sun came up - we where good to go. It was the same as pretty much every weekend ride. Lots of guys and just a few lovely ladies. Missy and I just cruised along and got in around 50 miles at a 16-17mph avg pace. I had not seen her for awhile so it was great to catch up. She have a few Ironman and 1/2 Ironman planned for this season (IMKY, IMAZ) - so she's just getting back into the swing of training. It is just so pretty riding up and down through the countryside. One of these days I will bring my camera so share some of these amazing views. And oh yeah, the sweet tan lines are back. I love biking tan lines. They just give my tan such character. (Please catch the scarcasm on that!)

But I would like to throw out this open letter to spring breakers:

Dear Spring Breakers Who Where heading down Hwy 81 on Saturday morning:
Thank you for being our cheering section on our ride. Thank you for cheering us on instead of yelling at us like the snow birds do. We know that you are so excited to start your spring break on our wonderful beaches and that on Hwy 81 when you saw us, you where just finishing up an 8 hour drive. An 8 hour drive that will end up at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world for and a week of drunkenness in Panama City Beach. Have fun. Be safe. Don't trash our beaches. And please don't ask me if I would like to go to a foam party.
Love, Chloe

Sunday we where going to ride again - but waking up at 5am and feeling the allergies kicking in from the day before- I knew that I would not handle it. So I hopped on the trainer for about 2 hours and then ran a few miles. And it felt great. We have not been doing super long runs after our rides, anywhere from 10 minutes to a few miles. Just to get our bodies used to the transition.

But finally the weater has warmed up enough to enjoy the beach! Tom put on a Yoloboard expo, so Jason and I headed over there to paddle around for a bit which was so much fun. I just love taking out the yolo board. Just to be able to paddle around and be as close as you can to nature. Then we just headed down to the beach to work on getting ride of my sweet biking tan lines. Whoohoo.

Random notes:

Rock of Love Bus!! Good episode! But those bitches must have been FREEZING on the beach. And Coyote Ugly? Come on Brett - you could have at least taken them to a classier place like Club LaVela. But next week will be the best - when they pull the Ex's into mix!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice riding this weekend, dont you love people who cheer you on.

Even Ohio was warm enough to ride outside. We had one honker, that was it. But not warm enough to hang out at the lake.

Patricio said...

Cool letter to the Spring Breakers! :)
Keep up tye great training! Nic epics too.. soooo jealous!

Missy said...

I SOOOO thought of you watching big Bret last nite! Where were they eating, Sharkey's? Eeeek. Scary. Club LaVela, I lerve it. I'm so jazzed because next week is going to rock...the ex's, yeehaw, bring on the drama, mamma.

Amy said...

I can see our biker tan in the group picture. Too funny, we'll all look like that in a couple months, you just get a head start!

That mural project sounds soooo cool! I guess you didn't see Lance, huh?

Sounds like you had an awesome training weekend too. Way to go - two long bike rides plus some running? Eat your heart out NO!

Herrad said...

Hi Chloe,

Good post and the yoloboard sounds and looks like fun.

Have a great time with your races and keep posting such good posts.



So on a Friday afternoon after a rough work week, you and your friends go to an ART GALLERY?

HMMMM, Not judging just raising one eyebrow in a spock like fashion.

Whatever happened to going to a bar and getting blitzed?

Chloe said...

Haha - Are Gallery + Friday night = Free wine :)

Tilghman Carroll said...

I would be happy to have a tan line of any pastey white after a rough winter in Nashville! Love the pics!!

Charisa said...

Pretty beaches! sounds like a great weekend!!

BreeWee said...

Oh man you are livin' it up! Next time you get your bum to Hawaii we can go stand up paddling, you gotta give me a lesson though!!

Glad the SUN is shining for you finally!

kristen said...

Just found you on Missy's website (in the comments). Thank you for the new word - pussydome. Can I use it? LOVE IT.

kristen said...

By the way - love your blog title ;) Great minds....