Monday, March 2, 2009

Seaside 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Ok - before the race report - I need to throw this in. I was listening to a pod cast while on my trainer today - and they threw in a song called "It's All in Your Head" by Mates of State. AWESOME SONG. Need a new play list - so anyone who has any suggestions - SUGGEST AWAY :)

Ok - back to the report. It's kind of long so bear with me.

Saturday night started out awesome. Went and had dinner with a few of the people I train with - which was a blast. After looking at the weather - we came up with a plan. Lisa is training for Boston right now so she was using the race for a training run - and Frank and I really just wanted to get under two hours. Originally our plan was to hit 1:50, but since the weather was going to be killer we where not sure how it would effect our run. So we just played it by ear. The weather was supposed to be 40 something, overcast, and with BLISTERING 25-35mph wind gusts which help out with the low 30's wind chill. AWESOME.
Here are some pictures from dinner:

Frank's Mom (who I WILL be going to bingo with!)


Frank and Henry

So after dinner - we decided to plant Lisa's car as close to the start line as possible. Somewhere to sit and stay warm! This ended up being the smartest move EVER! The race is about 2 miles from my house - so my sister volunteered to drop me off in the morning. Lisa met me up there in the morning - she ran from the house to get some more mileage in.

Race morning - it was FREEZING. (Please remember, I'm in Florida - we're not used to that kind of cold!) Allison dropped me off at the car around 6am.

Once again - stellar idea. I think at one time we had 6 people + one tri bike in the car. The race started a few minutes late - no biggie. Struggled my way through 1812 people through the first mile. The wind was 'gusting' from the north west. This was an out and back course so the first 1/2 was right into the wind - and 2nd was with the wind to our backs. So I just kept on focusing on the turn around and getting a negative split.

Anyway - got into a good pace and just kept with it. I totally zoned out and just ran. It felt so good. I would check my nerd watch, AKA Garmin, every mile just to see what pace I was keeping and when I needed nutrition. The wind gusts sucked pretty bad at times - but I just kept on plugging away keeping it real with around an 8 min pace. At mile 4-5 I would work on a Tropical Hammer gel and same with mile 9-10. I have problems with inhaling the gel. It kind of makes me want to puke - so I just keep in my hand and work at it until it's gone. That way I'm able to catch a water station as well.

At the 1/2 way mark the great pace I had just felt better. Wind at my back and with a smile on my face I rocked out the 2nd half. It's always fun to see everyone else you know with the out and back races. Before the turn I saw Jim (who ended up beating out a Kona-the one who danced at the finish line this last year- guy and PR'd with a 1:25) and then Karen, his wife (who PR'd with a 1:37), Helen Libby, and another friend Jennifer (who PR'd with a 1:34) and Michael (who ALSO PR'd with a 1:36 as well!). And then on the way back I saw Missy, Lisa, Cindy, Wendy...and so on)

So cruising along with the wind at my back I just focused on the negative split. Around mile 10 I ran into Frank, who, guess what, PR'd as well(!!), tried to get him to run with me for the last three miles, but he was happy where he was. So after that I just opened up. This is where I live and train. I knew exactly where I was and how much further I had to go. Mentally I was right where I needed to be. Feeling incredible, I kept a 7:45 avg pace for the last 3.1 miles of the race. Crossing the finishing line looking like an easter egg with my orange shorts and pink zenzah compression socks, I checked my watch, saw the time, and had a tear in my eye. What an amazing race. Whatever wind! (As Melissa would say) Bring it on!

Chip Time: 1:46:28
Clock time: 1:48:15
Age Group: 10/141
Overall: 218/1812

Did I mention that this race was sponsored by Very Bradley? Yeah. Those bags. When you finish you get one. It's funny seeing all of these manly men carrying around these brightly colored bags. Or when they finish the wife's yelling at them to 'Get the pink one' or get 'Get the blue one'. Last year my whole family ran the race - so guess what a few people got for Christmas? :)

After the race is was so freaking cold - that we didn't hang around that long. We waited for Jim, Karen,Jennifer, and Helen Libby to get their awards and cheer them on - and then it was time to head home!

Helen, Jennifer, Karen, Myself, and Lisa

Karen, Jim, and Jennifer

Helen and her Boyfriend

Frank and I

But later on in the afternoon, a few of us met up for cocktails at Bud-n-Allys to celebrate!

Kent and I with our compression socks on :)

Karen, myself, and Jennifer

What did I learn from this race?
1. Bad weather does not mean you will have a bad race
2. Getting your nutrition down is very important
3. Having a great attitude and a smile on your face can do wonders!

Random thoughts:
Rock of Love Bus was in Panama City and I didn't even know! Ugh! I would have so driven the 20 min to see all of the glory that show has to offer!

Not sure if I'm going to watch Biggest Loser tomorrow. Can't quite get over the marathon thing from last week. If the producers fake that - what else are they faking? I think I'm going ot just go to the pool instead.



Ironman Florida 2006. Air temp at the start, 32 deg F. I didn't fly to Florida for that.

Bill said...

Nice race and a top 10 age group finish to boot. You've got to love that negative split.

Amanda said...

Great job on the PR! Sometimes, you just gotta treat the gels like a shot...if you get the squeeze just right, you can bend back your head and send it right down your throat without having to taste it much.

Amy said...

Congrats on such an awesome race. I loved your race report! The part about the Vera Bradley bags and wives yelling made me lol. That is TOO cool that she sponsored it! I want to see your bag.
Anyway, you said gels are kinda gross....I agree. Have you tried Cliff Blocks or Luna Moons? I love them! They are sooooo much better than gels (in my opinion) and not as messy.
Can't wait to meet up in N.O!!!!!

jen said...

Congratulations!! Wow, you really showed that wind who's boss. Nice. Awesome finish time. Looks like it was a very fun race. :)

Chris said...

Great race report and song. I recently downloaded "Gates to the City" by Looker.

Patricio said...

Way to go!!! Congrats, great time, top ten, and had an awesome time!
Cool pics too! You coming to STL to do the GO STL in April? (or the St Pat's in 2 weeks?) :)

Herrad said...

A great post really riveting reading.

Thanks alot.

Have fun.


RR said...

Great job on the race!

Charisa said...

Awesome awesome job on the race and under some hard conditions!! And I love that they give out those bags at the end - to the men too :)

George Houston said...

Congrats on the race!

Anonymous said...

Those winds were brutal that day! Congrats on your PR!