Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Possible Lance sighting..

possible is the key word there. He used to spend a ton of time down here when he was dating Cheryl Crow (she has a house about 4 miles from here). Anyway - a friend that I run with talked to him yesterday. Lance (or the look-a-like) was walking around Rosemary Beach looking for a place to eat and tried to get into my friends office thinking it was restaurant (Rosemary is a weird beach town and that does not surprise me)as my friend was locking up. It took him a minute to realize who he was - but is pretty sure that might be him. Maybe he'll run with us week sometime :) Haha. Anyway - just wanted to share.

Talking about biking - as EVERYONE KNOWS biking is my weakest link. When I'm not swimming after work - I usually hop on my trainer for an hour to an hour and a half and work up a good sweat. And I'm still riding long outside on the weekends. But is that helping or hurting me?

Random Pictures:
What the FEDEX guy just brought me!! whoopwhoop!

Picture of the Very Bradley Bag for Amy Exciting stuff :)

(I'm trying to give a thumbs up for Vera)

My "Easter Egg" racing outfit from Sunday

Happy Hump Day!!


Missy said...

You're an egg! OOHHH, Lance siting, we like that. He's a little too skinny for me right now, though.

Love the bathing suit.

Amy said...

Love the pictures! I love the Easter egg outfit and now I have a hankering for a Cadburry Cream Egg. Oh, and I LOVE the bag (and the suit - too cute). Thank you for taking a picture of it. I may have to do that 1/2 next year just for the bag.

That would be too cool if he was down there and ran into your friend. I think he has a twitter account - you could look it up?

Sam said...

OMG...I have that exact suit! And the one with the pink flames!! Love them!
Cool bag too!!!

Easter time ="s Jelly Beans....YUMMMMMMM!!!!


Wonder what Lance is doing in Cheryl Land?

The bike is mega important for half and full ironman. Getting on and sweating is better than no riding, but you may find some benefit to doing some more specific workouts.

I do a 1 hour spin class Tues, a 30 to 45 minute spin with some hard intervals on Thurs. and a longer less intense spin on Saturday.

I'll see in a couple of weeks if it pays off or not.

Jennifer Harrison said...

CUTE SUIT! And, pink compression socks too! LOVE THEM. I have some too and love them....!!! :)

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

You will LOVE the muffins. Super easy to make and easy to eat on the run :)

KK said...

LOVE that suit! People will no doubt be very intimidated by those words on your bum!

I would DIE to see lance-hope you have your camera on you when you have your brush with fame!

Vincent said...

thats funny, I was just on that website looking at speedo's by the same company