Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching Up with Kelly

I've been running with Kelly twice a week for years. But since I've moved about 30 minutes away, we don't get to run together as often. But a hot running date with Kelly at 7am on a Saturday morning? I'm all over it. Here are some photos from our Saturday run. We run through Watercolor and then through one of those creepy neighborhoods where they have a few houses that are 80% done, have full infrastructure and even have lawn guys that still take care of it. Oh yeah, and it's been this way for about 3 years. If I was homeless, I know where I would go and stay!

So a good friend of mine is following her dreams. She quit her pretty high up white collar job and is moving to Coast Rica to be come a certified Outward Bound guide. I am so excited for her I can't stand it. But, I'm going to miss her. She is the one who pretty much got my hooked on this crazy ass sport that we are addicted to. So if you had the opportunity to follow your dreams, would you?

I'm not going to lie, I've always wanted to live on the beach, the opportunity was there so I jumped on it. My sister was offered a job for a year that moved her to South Korea a few weeks ago, and she jumped on that as well. All of the doors are there, we just need to decide which one we want to open up and walk through I guess :)

Oh yeah, the Weather Channel is in our area for the week. Usually when they are here, we tell them to go home. The last few times they where in the area it looked like this:

It's usually never good when the Weather Channel comes into your area. But thank goodness they are just here to 'enjoy the weather'.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


San said...

The third shot is great. I love it. Glad you took the camera with me.

And yes, if I'd get offered a job from pixar I'd take it. Whoa, your friend got guts.


Anne said...

Beautiful pics! I am all for following a dream...totally :)

Christi said...

I love the pics! I am so glad that your friend can follow her dreams! I am a true believer in that and I am glad to see that people are following them.

Anonymous said...

Hearing about people taking a risk to live out their dream is just amazing. You are right, doors are always there you just have to decide which to choose.

Colleen Walseth said...

cool pictures!!

Maggs said...

Awesome pictures. I love running with old running partners.

Keith said...

Yes, totally follow your dreams. That said, one needs to be sensible about minimizing the downside. The only time to go for broke and lay it all on the line is when you have nothing to lose. Which doesn't describe most of us.

$ doesn't need to be an issue. There are ways of living nicely that doesn't take a lot of money. Besides, there is always a way to earn more of it. Getting rich isn't hard, just takes discipline.

I think you are better off being able to look back at a happy life, with memories of shared activities, rather than just looking at a number in a bank account.

Amy said...

My friends did the same thing - wuit their jobs and travelled the world for a year. Now one lives in Australia and the other in Thialand. Me? Colorado was far enough for me.