Saturday, March 6, 2010


Very random post that has NOTHING to do with running, swimming, or biking. :)

Finally today Big J and I where able to take advantage of the wonderful weather we've been having...until Monday. When it's going to rain and be cold again. Today it was pretty darn cold - but the sun was out and the gulf was flat. So we went out and got after the Bull Reds. I'm not going to bitch too much about the cold weather...because it's going to be hot as well here soon enough.

And then there is the super creepy house...on an island...and there is no way to get into it.

Random stuff -

Who watches the bachelor? I'm not a huge fan - it's been off my realty show radar for quite awhile now so I really have no input. ANYWAY -I guess a girl from Panama City Beach has some very good dirt on this guy. It should be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

And in other random reality tv news - The Situation is going to be here for Spring Break! Fist pump. We will be sure to get all Jersey Shored out and stalk him down. We already have our spray tans on and outfits ready:

(this picture kind of stresses me people really dress like this?!?!?)


Christi said...

Do people really look like that? Because that is just odd-looking!

Keith said...

I'm sure that one on the right is an alien. Right out of MIB.

Missy said...

Is that a swim up house, like a swim up bar?

Nice job fishin! Dinner looks tasty.

The Situation...I expect a full report.

Turbo Photographs said...

GTL, baby!! GTL!!! You gonna start rockin the Snooki bump?

BTW, nice catch! That fish is as big as you!

kristen said...

OMG. Nice belly button rings? Is that the proper term. I'm surprised they havn't had those ripped out in some random guidette bar fight.

Please tell me you are going to hook up with the situation. Sorry jason - your too pale and modest for us :)

Jamie said...

Not only do people like that exist, but if they saw you, they'd think "Aww, that poor girl. She must be so jealous that hit hurts."

Chloe said...

No doubt Jamie - they probably think "poor girl. she does not even have her nails done! And no makeup?" Ha! Oh well. I learned from watching Jersey Shore that I would never fit in!! :)

Amy said...

DOUBLE FIST PUMP! I wish I could get dressed up w/ you. Nothing beats a bakini w/ a preggo belly.

Sam said...

LOLOL..Chloe they dress like that out here. *insert sad face* Ahhhh, the benefits of living in Las Vegas. (jk)

Come visit anytime....we need more REAL chicks that don't glow orange or have ribs sticking out with accompanying pooches. WTH?? Bleck...can you say skinny fat.

Gina said...