Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random thoughs...

This is kind of random - but I wanted to put everything on one post. Here is the break down:
1. Watercolor Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving
2. New Trainer - my bedroom
3. Saturday morning party

Over Thanksgiving we ran a 5K on the beach - yes - on the very sandy beach. It was put on by Camp Watercolor (my sister) Thanksgiving morning. 200+ people showed up to enjoy the 3.1 mile stroll along the lovely coast. Its so good to see just a ton of families along with all of their children enjoying the start of a food filled day :) Here is a picture of 'Team Elfrink' along with Mike the Turkey:

Adding onto the topic ot Thanksgiving - my sister and I were so excited when my family decided to come down here (and not stay at our place!) for the holiday! So last week we got to spend a ton of time with my Mom, Dad, brother, Lilly the dog and my crazy (in a good way) Grandmother. Grandmother just turned 80 a few months ago, still looks awesome, and likes to throw back some dirty martinis! I love my family! But we would spend our evenings cooking dinner, drinking wine and then playing random dice and card games. Good times no doubt!

Ok - topic two. As I mentioned before, Santa came early via UPS with my new trainer. I finally got it put together and now there is no reason I can not get my ass on my bike. So pretty much every morning that I'm not running, I will be enjoying the news with my butt on the butterfly seat. Ugh. I'm just trying to get excited about this.

Finally on to topic three - Saturday morning running party. Who else wants to meet at 7am to run 14 miles?!??! Last week there where quite a few. And actually we had some random vacationers who where just out running and our group just kind of sucked them in. Just looking at the picture just brings the humidity back. That was such a hot, sticky run. But you must admit, we are a pretty good looking crew for just rolling out of bed!

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Missy said...

OH it looks so nice and warm there and I love granny throwing some dice with her martinis...that rocks! Looks like you guys had a blast and it's always more fun when family stays at their own place;)