Sunday, December 14, 2008

Martha Stewart and Hoping Not to get Shot By Hunters

I love weekends.

Friday night was our office Christmas Party which is always a good time. We started out with drinks at our boss's house and then had dinner at D&K's which is right down the street in Grayton Beach. So for dinner we had excellent buffet of wonderful Creole food. YUM. Still full. Then we headed back to our boss's house for dessert. And more wine. I love wine. Really love wine. But the boyfriend and I did really well and made it home early. But the down side was the next morning my sinuses where out of control! Some of the co-workers smoke, and living in Florida you can't smoke in bars or restaurants, so I'm never around it. THANK GOODNESS! I was not hungover, but my body was not happy with the smoke that I was around!

Saturday was the perfect day in. My inner Martha was calling, so I had to take advantage of it. I'm not the most domestic person, so this was going to be interesting. Sugar cookies where on the menu - which a special thanks to Mrs. Gina Jolly's (that still sounds weird even though she's been married since July) awesome recipe. So I made a few dozen from scratch sugar cookies to pass out this week. This process takes awhile - if I don't take mini breaks, I get bored and end up doing a crap job. So it was a day long event.

I wanted to do a few with the 'Tiffany Blue' color which are not very Christmasey, but I really don't care. They looked good! Jason approved - because they where not super sweet so with the addition of the cream cheese frosting they where perfect. Now I need ot figure out who I can pass them out to! **Please note that I did the majority of the cooking watching IM Kona on tv :)**

Sunday I met up with an awesome friend of mine, Lisa P, and ran the trails in one of the state parks in our area. It is always so good to get 'off the beaten path' and to run a different route. Lot's of sand involved, so I can already feel the soreness that I'm going to encounter tomorrow! But it feels so good to use different muscles and switch it up a bit. Keeping around an 8:50 pace - Lisa and I got an awesome 11 mile sunday morning run.

But, this time of year, you have to be careful of hunters. I'm all about hunting season - I am not a fan of running into a deer in the middle of the road late at night. When I lived in Michigan we actually had no school the first day of hunting season. Being from Southern Missouri and 10 years old, I thought it was awesome. Anyway, we heard a few gun shots before we started and saw a few deer stands, but luckily we both dressed in super bright colors and stuck out like sore thumbs.

Picture of my sweet running outfit and Ms. Buela -my dog for the weekend.

Finished off this awesome morning with some very tasty juice made from the juicer which I'm finally getting around to learning how to use (thanks Lisa!). Carrots, celery, orange, lemon, and apple with a shot of "Tahiti's Finest" Super Noni. YUM! And a plate full of fresh caught stone crabs! YUM YUM! (thanks Jason!!)

I love weekends.

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Missy said...

Be careful out there...sometimes hunters are just looking for anything that moves, I swear:)