Monday, December 8, 2008

A few more pictures

Here are few more pictures from the Zooma Hilly ass 1/2 marathon from about a month ago in Atlanta. I know I talked about it before - but I don't think I could have pulled through all of those hills with out Karen. She is such an excellent runner - and an even better 'talker'. Seriously, I think she talked through out the whole race which was awesome! I am so looking forward to seeing her and her family on the beach over Christmas! Thanks again Karen for all of the encouraging words!

On the note of long runs - myself and three other people where planning on doing a 16-18 mile run on Sunday. Well, after running through a few state parks and 1/2 completed neighborhoods (which we have a few of in this area) it ended up being pretty close to 19-20 miles. Needless to say, my body just stopped about about mile 18. I was hurting. Calfs, hips, gut, everything. So, after the run, Burk becuase he is such a great running partner and friend went over my nutrition for the day and spotted some problems. Not enough nutrition through out the run. That is something I am playing with every time I go long - so it's a work in process. But in the Draggin Tail 18 miler - I had a GU and some water about every 4 miles and felt AWESOME! So I'm just going to have to stick to that from now on!


Missy said...

So good for such a hilly half, congrats, even if it's least you still had a smile on your face. I usually look like I'm dying.

SimonSays said...

Chloe -

Holy cow! You are amazing!!! I am so impressed with the level of training you're at. I LOVED the Elf Dance - I made one of my own. I can't wait to send it to the fam.! Take care girl!

Ricardo Coelho said...

you're a cutie..
way to go!!!