Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FINALLY! Tri season is almost here!!

I have been working my ASS off all 'non-tri season' working on my run.  As I've said before, most of it is a mental battle for me.  I've been racing so many road races this winter that I've lost count, but I think they are helping.  Wait.  I know they are helping.  Coach wanted me to 'race myself fast' - and it's paying off.  Anyway, this weekend I have the Seaside Half Marathon which is my last run of the off season.  Now, this race rubs me the wrong way.  Because it's SO FING expensive!  $115 for a half marathon that is an OUT AND BACK!  Yeah yeah, Vera Bradley sponsors it - and you get an uber cheesy bag when you finish.  But $115!  Anyway - it's in my back yard and everyone I train with is racing so I was suckered in.  We will see how it goes!

This is the last time I ran this race - dressed like an Easter egg.  

Anyway, after this race it's FINALLY TRI SEASON!  OMG.  I've been running so much, and I'm totally burned out and ready to get on my bike!  

One of my first races of the season is Rev3 Knox on May 5th!  Now, this year Rev3 is rolling out their  age group race series and Knox will be their Championship race in 2014 (which hopefully I will qualify for!)  So - what is a better way to scope out a championship course then to race it?

Check Kelly Williamson's blog here from last years Rev3 Knox race.  Oh yeah, she was also the winning female pro!  Pretty bad ass.  

So, what races do you have on your schedule for 2013???


Tara Martine said...

I feel the same way about the approaching tri season - I can't wait!!! Rev3 Knoxville & Rev3 Williamsburg are two definites on my schedule!

Chris said...

I love the "race yourself fast" comment! Hope the *expensive* half goes well this weekend. I've heard the birds chirping on my last few early AM runs, a reminder that Spring is on it's way, and so it tri season. I'm itching for some road miles on the bike too!

Carolina John said...

I'm ready for tri season to get here too! Already in training and loving it. Time to race. in 2 months.

Beth said...

I am ready for warmer weather and longer days!! My tri season consist of Gulf Coast, Fall Creek Falls (Olympic), and then IMFL.

Unknown said...

I bet you have a great race this weekend. You've been working your tail off and it'll pay huge dividends this coming season! So proud of you!

Joel said...

So....did you get a beautiful bag or what?!?! Hope you had a great race :-)

Lillian said...

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James said...

I did participated last year in Tri season! And I am loving it. Love your blog too.

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