Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day Shopping Guide!

Ok gentlemen - the big day is coming up.  Yep - that's right.  VALENTINES day.  Back in the day when me and all my friends were single, we would call it 'FU Valentines Day' and just extremely drunk.  Obviously that was when we were all single, drunk, and AWESOME!  Well - those days have come and gone, and us ladies take this day seriously.  Seriously men - if your lady says 'don't get me anything' it's a test.  And don't fail.

So - here are some of my absolutely favorite things that your swim/bike/run lady will LOVE!

My girlfriend Rebecca has some amazing stuff on this site - in fact, I have one of her sweatshirts on right now!  But the shirts have a fantastic cut that is uber flattering.  She also has some killer coffee mugs (which I use almost every day) and some great bags as well!  And you are supporting an awesome company! WIN WIN!

These products are amazing.  If your lovely lady is a swimmer - the Triswim products will keep her smelling not like chlorine and looking fantastic.  If she is a cyclist - well, the Trislide product is a must to keep her lady parts feeling good after those long training rides.  I've been using these products for quite awhile - and they are awesome.

And for the lady who does not like to write her own swim workouts:

Workouts in a Binder (real creative name, I know)  but I've been swimming since I was eight, and this by far is the best book of swim workouts I've used.  There is a huge selection of choices ranging from focusing on sprints to distance.  And...are you ready for this?  It's WATERPROOF!  I know - best idea ever.

Everything from this site rocks.  You'll have the best looking lady (and happiest) lady on the bike, beach, or just hanging out in this gear:

Shoes are always important - and Pearl Izumi has some of the best.  Their cycling and running shoes are AMAZING.  
Some of my favs include:
 So there you go.  I hope this list helps you on your mission to make your lovely lady the happiest one out there on the big day.  And be sure to tell her that you love her.... :)


Steve said...

Last year my wife worked on Mondays, and Monday mornings. (we work together) Throughout the Valentines Day selling season, every Monday on her desk was some type of dark chocolate thingy~ma~jig purchased from the local lumberyard we both work at.

Workout stuff?? Really??? Nothing says romance like dark chocolate stuff bought from a local lumberyard.

Women. So dumb. :) j/k.

adena said...

love these ideas.. especially the swim workout binder. Genius!


Great ideas!
Problem is guys are on a different clock until they have been married for at least 5 years.
They have given up the first part "Single" but still partake on the drunk and AWESOME part.
Maybe you will luck out though.... :)

Unknown said...

my motto for VDay:
diamonds? naaah, the only carbon I want to see is in the form of a bike.

MissFancyPants said...

Swim workouts in a binder is my favorite!!!!!!!I use it all the time! Great list I will have to try your friends site - looks cute!

Alisa said...

That binder swim workout is the BEST!

PS I'm going to your friends site right now, I want that hoodie =).

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

If anyone likes those Pearl Izumi ISO Transition shoes - or any running shoe by Pearl Izumi - you should be advised to snatch them up quick!

Their new line is due to release this month. I was told by one rep, February 19th. All previous models have stopped production.

I do love my ISOs and Streaks though!!

Unknown said...

You are so cute! :)

I love your friend's stuff... it's darling! Off to shop!

Unknown said...

Love your ideas! And thanks for the links to Betty Designs - love her jerseys. And the Pearl Izumi pink and green shoes - YUMMY!