Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello - this is Rev3 calling

I work in the hospitality service - and I know a thing our two about how much is costs to stay in a high end house on the beach on a four star resort.  Some of our higher end clients appreciate a call from a member of our management team welcoming to the property and maybe discuss some of the events going on the week they will be enjoying their stay.  Half the time we are leaving messages, but guess what? They call back, appreciating the call.  

Now - lets talk about triathlon.  I've been doing triathlons FOREVER - you go onto, pay who knows how much money for nothing tangible at the time.  You might get a few e-mails, but nothing personalized until checking in when you get your bib and racing stickers.  

How would you feel if a member of the racing company called you directly?  Saying 'Thank you for signing up for _______ and we can't wait to see you!' and then discussing other events going on race weekend for you and your family to enjoy?  

Well, that is something awesome that REV3 is doing.  Jonathan gave me a call, thanked me, and then we discussed all of the other exciting events going on the weekend for Rev3 Knox.  He even answered some of my questions.  And I know for a fact that he had NO idea that I was even on the team.  

Talk about hospitality.  REV3 just took it up yet another notch!

Have you not signed up for a Rev3 race this year?  DO IT!  And the handsome Jonathan will give you a call to chat!

Rev3 Quassy has less then 250 slots open - and several other races are still open!  Get in while you can!


Trisaratops said...

Rev3 events are just the BEST. We get spoiled for sure!

Unknown said...

That's awesome! :D

Unknown said...

and that reminds me, I NEED TO REGISTER!!!

Karen said...

Can't wait for my phone call, Jonathan and I will have to have a nice chat ;) I need to register!!!

Wendy @ New Moms Talk said...

That's wonderful!

My Mom always taught me to tell the person's superior when someone did something well. You've more than told Jonathan's superior!

It also reminds me that I need to complete the "Rev 3 please come here" suggestion piece for Rev 3 to come to Utah.

Joel said...

Service like Rev3 gives is really unparalled in Triathlon - or business, in general. LOVE that company!