Monday, January 3, 2011

Rest Day = Root Canal Day

On the schedule today coach put swim or rest day.  Since it was 31 when I woke up this morning and the pool is outside - I opted for the rest day.  Not to mention we had a 50ish mile week last week.  So this girl did not shed any tears - except for my three hour dentist appt.  I am blessed with soft teeth (yep, thanks dad).  I don't have your normal dentist appts where they clean your teeth, give you a sicker, a toothbrush and say 'see you in 6 months!'.  Not me.  It's more like 'see you in a few days and thank goodness you have dental insurance'. 
So after two root canals today - leaving the office I kind of felt like this:

(not that bad - but you get the gist)

So right now I'm on the couch looking like I had been punched in the face.  This isn't my first dance - but all I can say is thank goodness for pain killers. 

Happy Monday!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

omg, i just love that video. it never gets old. i'm so glad you have some good pain meds and that you are getting this all out of the way before the serious training begins.

Christina said...

ohhh, I'm sorry. I've had a couple of those and the days after are really no fun. After my last one I was privileged enough to break 2 crowns. The first one broke within hours of being home. When the 2nd one broke in the dentist chair (see I told you I didn't eat anything hard) I told them they needed a new supplier. Here's to healing quickly and good drugs.

Christi said...

That video cracks me up. I hope you heal quickly!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

bummer... i have to go back and get 2 cavities filled. i haven't had any for awhile and am really convinced it's gels and sports drinks~ all that sugar...booo but feel better soon!

Joel said...

I've heard that a nice Cab is a great painkiller!

Here's to a speedy recovery!

Unknown said...

I love that video. HILARIOUS! Feel better soon.

Maggs said...

OMG that video is hysterical. I've seen some where they are talking to people still in the chair and the things people say. I had oral surgery in highschool and I guess they let me drive home, but I never remembered driving home...I told my mom that my sister drove me home (who didn't have a license). The things my parents say I said when I got home. I should not have driven home!