Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love the heat

Who ever had the excellent idea to start the 10K race this morning at 8am was on crack. I have never been sooooo freaking hot racing. And can I throw in there was no shade? And that for a part of it - we where directed to the wrong way? So the lead runners had to turn around - after running about a 1/2 mile off course. After that, I knew it was just going to be a training run.

The inaugural SunRun (I should have taken a cure from the name!) was this morning. A few of us got together to help support Gulf Coast Community College and brave the heat - and enjoy the post party. They had the awesome $25 a day beach rental chairs(the cushioned ones!) for us loung on along with a ton of food and a photographer that would take you photo - print it out (with the SunRun logo) and give it to you. YES. You read right - GAVE IT TO YOU. Take that ASI photography! Karen won the 10K overall, I was 6th (third in age group) and Jeff pulled the over all masters in the 10K. It was a fun morning - and even Jason came out to cheer us on :)

But other then that - nothing too exciting going on on the training front. Just running with some swimming and biking thrown in. I'm really getting excited about the ING marathon in Miami (or possibly another one closer in Jan)and just trying to get on a training schedule with the new job ...which is going awesome :)

For IMFL Jason and I are going to have a homestay - which we area very excited about. I ran into a friend of mine today who helps bring the athletes and homes together - and mentioned that we might be having a swiss pro. I CAN NOT WAIT!

Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!!!


kristen said...

What?! A swiss pro - holy sweetness. That would be freaking awesome. Think about all the pro tips your going to get. I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes off of them - male or female.

That blows about the race. At least you made the best of it. Holy 6-packs. You ladies are HOT! find out what kind of bra that tall beauty in the green bra was wearing. That's totally cute. (not that I would ever be able to wear it as well as any of you guys, but maybe - just maybe, next summer I'll have the abs to pull it off) You floridians know how to style it up sports bra style.

Missy said...

Swiss pro, hope it's a guy, steal some of his stuff for us so we can drool all over it;)

I haaate those kinds of runs and off course?! There's been a lot of that going around lately. Volunteers sending peeps in the wrong direction etc. Sounds like it all turned out OK.

Herrad said...

Hi Chloe,
Well done, good post and photos thanks for sharing.

KK said...

OMG my sisters and mom and I once ran a race down in Sarasota where the course was totally unmarked and we ended up running way more than we were supposed hard is it to measure and mark a course accurately? Hasn't modern science created GPS systems??? And cones?

Ummmm, hello abs! What? I mean you ladies are somkin' hot!

And are you doing IMFL this year or next? Awesome! And a new job? I've been away too long...glad you're liking it!

Chloe said...

How crazy are those abs? Two of them have had 2 kids!!! I train with some smoking moms! :)


Hopefully the sun cooperates in 7 weeks. My thoughts were like... none! Nice cloudy day works for me.. You mean I could have stayed at your house? I think my ancestors are Swiss... does that count?

Amanda said...

Swiss pro? Girl, you better be taking pics!

Great job on the race! Sounds like things are going well.


DITTO on the abs. Glad someone else brought it up.

I wouldn't want all the girls here to think me a PERV or a freak.

Anonymous said...

You all did great at the race.

A Swiss Pro, very cool.

Amy said...

Love the photos and even better are free ones! Take that ASI is right. Least you were able to readjust your goal and use it as a training run. And still got 3rd in your AG. You're a machine!