Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love my family

St. Louis last weekend was an absolute blast. The whole family was there ( except for my sister..she had to work and stay here :( ). My aunt, uncle and cousin from Oregon. My cousin from Miami. Family from Texas. Everyone. We just enjoyed the company and drank a ton of wine. Who would have thought?

Here are some random shots from the weekend:

We also went to a baseball game - Royals vs. Cardinals. All 16 of us went - and my Cousin Erik snagged us the best tickets out of the group! whoohoo Eric!

So it was a fun, fast, and great weekend. Now I'm back at the beach detoxing :)

On the training front - I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. With out having a long race in the near future, I'm just kind of running, biking, and swimming for fun. And to keep sane. Work has been nuts - so training has been my bitchiness outlet!!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!!


Gina said...

I'm so sorrrrry that I didn't make it over on Thursday! Things were crazy & I couldn't get away! I am sure you all had a blast -- my dad was so glad he headed over to the STL!!

I'm gettin' ready to go run! YAY!

Vincent said...

I see some strong family resemblance there! glad you had a good weekend

Amy said...

We past the Royals/Cards game on the way to KC Monday. I know you saw them on your turf, in St. Lou but so fun. I love family weekends....and feel bad your sis had to work. I'm usually the one in my fam stuck back working.

Yay for training for fun and letting the bitchiness out. LOL.


Tilghman Carroll said...

Oh my, you are a spitting image of your mother!!! Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Anonymous said...

From the pictures it does look like you had a fabulous time with the family. Enjoy running, biking and swimming without a schedule!

Bill said...

What a beautiful stadium. I've really wanted to see a Cardinals game when I was in town a couple of summers ago. They were away at the time. Looks like a great family gathering.