Thursday, January 24, 2013

Working out before work

Sometimes I get really jealous of men. Why you ask? Because it takes them 5 minutes to get ready in the morning! For my job - I can't pull the 'just out of the shower wet hair' look. So when I train before work (which a majority of time is not close to my house) I have to plan ahead to be presentable. And I know I'm not the only one out there! But it can be done - how you might ask? OCD. Just kidding. Kind of.

Luckily my coach lives about 5 minutes from my office - so she lets me use her 'beach shower' to get ready in the morning. But I still have to pack everything the night before. Why? Because I don't want to forget an essential item (bra, makeup, etc) which will totally happen if I pack my crap at 4:30am. So what are my secrets?

I put all of my hair/shower/makeup items in one bag- and all of my shower items in a plastic baggie:

I choose to use the shampoo/soap/conditioner etc from hotels just because it's simpler to carry around mini bottles.  I also keep them in a plastic baggie so 1)  they are separate and 2) if they are wet, they will not get everything else wet in the bag.  

A snapshot of my bathroom away from my bathroom.  Keeping all of my toiletries in a drawstring bag seems to work best for me - also you can spot my breakfast shake (aka my fat shake - thanks to Vinnie Tortorich) to the far right.  I typically make those the night before and freeze.  

It's also important to grab a plastic bag - to put all of your stinky clothes in:

Any yes, keep everything in one huge bag -Keeping is simple is the best thing! 

I don't mind getting ready at random places - because it allows me to swim/bike/run in different areas.  So with OCD planning - you can totally make it work.  Give me 30 minutes, and I'll be ready to roll!  No excuses for this girl!  

Any suggestions you might have?  


Alison said...

I also have to pack things the night before, I'm not really a morning person so the only way I can be organized is when I'm not semi-comatose.

Danni said...

I workout in the morning too! Only difference is I am a get to work with my hair wet kind of girl :)
Question. What is this "fat" shake?

Wendy @ New Moms Talk said...

A few things that help me with organization, especially now that we have a 7-week old sweet girl in our lives.

*Everything goes in the same spot or general spot in the house. (It makes it a lot easier and faster to get the bag/s packed.)

*Hub uses the drawstring race bags for workouts, and I prefer his old backpack- it has lots of little pouches. Each pocket has a specific purpose (e.g. wet clothes area, dry clothes, toiletries, etc.).

*Baby wipes and a granola bar are always in the bags and car! (Even pre-kid. Baby wipes= quick shower if needed.)

*Pre-make food for the week. Sometimes it happens mid-week for the following week.

*Specific containers for different training needs. Yes, our IKEA EXPEDIT has three containers filled with training "stuff" including one with nutrition alone. When we need to restock, we know where to go!

*Spare quick dry towel in training bag. It acts as life saver for so many things: can hold wet clothes without them oozing everywhere, great for a transition mat, traction under tires in bad conditions- almost needed it during the ice storm yesterday.

*Communication. It really helps the hub and I to stay on top of the organization. Who's doing laundry, if something is low, who's making what snack, etc.

Unknown said...

I understand the men thing my boyfriend is ready before I'm even got socks on

Karen said...

Getting packed the night before makes it so much easier! I get ready at the gym most every morning and pretty much keep my gym bag packed 24/7 so I can grab it and go! haven't tried freezing my fat shakes yet but will have to when it gets warmer.

Maggie said...

Great idea! Love reading other people's tricks to try to stay sane when running around 24/7...