Monday, April 30, 2012

White Sand I Sprint Race Report

Finally I got my stuff together for race report #1 (of 2).  Two Saturdays ago was White Sands Triathlon.  It's an awesome local sprint in Panama City Beach.  There is always a fun crowd of regulars and not to mention a bunch of future tri-addicts.  They have one race at the beginning of the season and another one at the end - so it's fun to see how much you've improved throughout the season.  Anyway - they have a great after party as a beach bar.  With beer.

 I got up bright and early to head over and set up transition.  With fingers crossed - I headed down to the beach hoping that the gulf was not rough and full of jellyfish.  And I was in luck!  I got in and swam a warm up.  It's been awhile (like 6 months) since I've put on my wetsuit - so we had go get reacquainted.  The gulf was PERFECT.  This was going to be an awesome race.

This race also has a $5 buy in.  If you opt to pay the extra $5 - as a girl you get to go in the 1st wave and then the guys who opted for buy in go five minutes after the girls followed by the normal waves.  Anytime I get to go in the first wave - I'm in!  

The swim was suppose to be a 600 - but after looking at the buoys (and every ones times from the previous years) we think it was a bit further.  Anyway - the gun went off and I was in a wave with about 20 other girls.  My swim has been feeling awesome lately - so I felt great.  It was an overcast day so glare was not screwing up my sighting.  Once I hit the beach - I was the FIRST ONE OUT OF THE WATER!  Awesome.  I ran like hell through the beach bar to transition and jumped on the princess.
Swim:  12:44
T1:  1:24

The bike was 15 miles - and it is three loops around a four lane road with a grass median.  It's awesome because you get to check everyone out and see where the competition is.  So there I was.  Out on the bike course.  All alone (which was pretty cool) but then the fast guys caught me on the 2nd loop.  The first half of my bike my sweet bike computer was not working, so I had no idea how fast I was going.  But I was feeling good, so I just kept on throwing the bar higher.  I love doing local races because you see SO MANY of your friends cheering you on.....

 Helen being her normal goofy self
Marshal, X, and Hadley being road thugs

I finished up my 3rd loop and headed into transition

Bike:  50:28 (20.21 mph)
T2:  .40
(I don't mess around in T2)

The run was a 3.1 mile loop out on Surf Drive.  I decided to go watch less for the run just to see how I've done.  Over the past few months I've really been focusing on my cycling and swimming, so I just wanted to see what I could do on the run without the garmin.  I was passed by a few guys and cheered everyone on as I was running.  (I really need work on my focus when I'm racing) But I was not passed by any girls...and I thought...holy shit...I could win this.  

Run:  23:44 (7:30ish avg)
(yep...need to work on that run)
Total:  1:29:00

But...there is a risk you take when you take the buy in.  You don't know what is going on behind you.  Thus no one to push you.  I ended up getting 2nd to Kristen who is an AWESOME runner and opted out of the buy in.  

But overall - it was a great way to start the season!  
1st in AG
2nd Overall Female

One other thing I was working on is my breathing.  And controlling it when I'm out of the water and getting onto the bike.  I think I stress myself out, screw up my breathing, and throw the rest of my race off when I don't focus on staying calm.  This race I focused and felt amazing.  I'm hoping I can keep this up.  

Up next - another race report.  And the 'Dirty Girls Guide to Cleaning Your Bike'


Alison said...

Congrats! I would take the first wave option anytime too!

Unknown said...

WOO HOO! Awesome job Chloe!



Christi said...

Fabulous race!

Ali Mc said...

ummm so I just found you - I was in love with you at your blog name and then seeing those awesome race pics! wooohooo girl you're awesome!

Joshua said...

Your form doesn't look too bad, but you're's always girls that smile while you run. An [ex]local pro Amy Kloner grins the whole time she runs, and she's fast; I don't understand. Congrats on the race!

Katie said...

Congrats! Awesome job and I defnitely need some T2 lessons from you :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job!! Random question - what is the make of your helmet?? I REALLY want a pink one!