Thursday, April 26, 2012


Goggles.  They are very important.  Well, at least for me.  For years I swam in the good old Swedish goggles.  Years, I mean, since I was probably 10 (and I'm 31 now).  Once I was swimming a warm up for a meet and got kicked in the eye.  Swedish goggles + kick in the eye = back eye for Chloe.  But I saw myself as a purist swimmer with my awesome $10 goggles.  I loved the way that some people were intimidated by a swimmer rocking the Swedish (at least in my mind!) and the way you actually had to put them together.  

THEN I started doing triathlons and swimming in the gulf.  My purist ways did not fair to well.  And after way too many races with saltwater in my eyes and goggles flipping down, I decided to make a change.  That was the best idea ever and I am kicking myself for not making this move sooner!  I found the NERO RACE GOGGLES by BLUESEVENTY.  

I love these goggles.  They are comfortable, stay firmly in place when you get hit by a wave, and look pretty bad ass.  Happy swimmers = better race!  So, if you are in the market for some new goggles, I would suggest trying out the Nero Race Goggles.

And just a little bit of fun with the GOPRO!
Butterfly - best stroke out there.  :)

On a random note, we went to see Cabin in the Woods last weekend.  It's a pretty awesome movie and not at all what you expect.  Anyway - our movie theater has Wonka Machine.  Or what I like to call - heaven for $4.00.  You get to pick what wonderful treats you want to munch on - and you can mix and match.  Are you in a chewy spree kind of mood?  Bam!  Push the button and it's yours!  

And these girls were taking WAY TO LONG to make there selection!  

Race report tomorrow!  


Christi said...

I didn't know Blue Seventy had goggles. Shows you how much I know!

I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for your race report!

rhino said...

I too have been kicked in the eye with the Swedish on--not tons of fun. Look forward to the report!

Michael said...

I want one of those wonka machines at my theatre. That's so cool.

I am always struggling with finding the right goggles. I may try those out next time!

Libby said...

got a chance to try those nero's and I fell in love! they are great! can't wait for the race report and oh hey--- nice fly!! :)