Sunday, January 1, 2012

So much going on!

It's official.  2012 is going to be one of the best/craziest/busiest year of my life.  But I am so ready for it.

First of all - I hope everyone had a great new years!  We kept it classy in Panama City Beach by bring in the new year with all you can bowl/skate.  I tell you what - you get a group of triathletes and surfers together - we are one competitive bunch!

So this year, not only will I be a member of the crazy/awesome bunch of people otherwise known as Team REV3, but I will continue to be an ambassador for GoTRIbal.  GoTRIbal is such an awesome group of women - when you have a free moment, check out  the GOTRIbal site.  

REV3 is also doing some amazing things this year!  Want to run across America to raise money for cancer? Sure!  How about raising money for the Ulman Cancer fund for Young Adults? Sounds awesome!  This epic adventure will be starting March 26th in Oceanside, CA and ending 21 days later in Washington DC.   Want to see if they will be running through your neck of the woods or how you can donate to this kick ass cause?  Check out this site.  

Remember - this is just January.  I can't wait to see what the rest of the year bring for REV3 and GoTRIbal!  SO freaking excited!  

While we are talking about GoTRIbal - I would like to give a huge shout out to fellow ambassador - Kellie Smirnoff.  Kellie was not only the first female to finish Epicman this past weekend, but she won the whole race!  Talk about chicking everyone - Kellie now owns the saying 'you've been chicked'!  Not sure what Epicman is?  It's a triple Ironman.  Yes, you read that correct.  TRIPLE IRONMAN.  Kellie is nothing but a 5 foot ball of awesomeness.  She is hands down the most positive, friendly, and one of the best people to have a glass of wine with I know. 

Love it.  It's hard to take the smile off of my face when I see such awesome people reach their goals!  

Well.  It's January.  Let the Ironman Texas training begin!  Blogging will be getting very interesting!


Katie said...

I love the skating! you have all the fun stuff down in florida. happy new year!

Christi said...

Congrats Katie!

Have a great year Chloe! I will be rooting for you throughout the year!

Have a great time in Texas!

Jason said...

How incredible is EpicMan.....that is truly awesome. Do you do them consecutively? How does it work? Yes, I could read it but that would force me to click more.

IMTX is not far away....can't wait to meet you down there.