Monday, January 2, 2012

Back on the saddle

 I have not 'seriously' been on the princess (aka - my tri bike) since October.  Sometimes you just have to take the bike and put her in her room for awhile.  I do this to avoid burnout and from throwing her into the gulf (hey - sometimes I get really burned out!) On Facebook I was invited to a coffee ride - which I thought would be an excellent way to get back into a saddle.  A leisurely 40ish mile ride and then coffee after?  Perfect!  

This morning I woke up uber excited for the ride.  Sitting on the couch, drinking my coffee, I turned on the weather channel.  40 degrees - 20mph wind/gusts.  Awesome.  When I got to the ride, it only got better.  I only knew two people.  And I was the only girl.  The other 20 people were hard core roadies.  Just a bit out of my comfort zone.    

Suck it up princess and get it done.  

Check.  It was fast and I was in the 'b' group - but for my first ride back in 2+ months, I was pretty excited.  Thankfully my cross training with P90X and my new found love of mtn biking paid off - and I felt awesome.  Oh how I've missed quality time on the princess.  

But I can not forget the new purple princess:

On a random ranting note.
(man - I have not done this forever)

Special K's 'lose 6 lbs in two weeks'.  Absolute crap.  A bowl of cereal of breakfast and lunch?  Really?  How long can someone keep that up?  And what is that serving?  1/2 cup?   You know after the 'two weeks' those six lbs will just reappear!  It's not a diet folks - its a lifestyle change - that is the key :)  Eat fruits and veggies and you'll be looking good!  

Not to mention - I can't keep cereal in the house because I will seriously eat a box in one day.  Some people are addicted to chocolate - but my weakness is cereal.  LOVE IT!  So - this Special K diet will no doubt NOT work for me.  

Happy Training!  


Donna said...

Nice first day back on Princess! And you're totally right about the Special K Challenge! I swear by the juicer now - easy & filling! Love it!!

Kacie Darden said...

The specialK comment cracked me up. You are right. There is NO way that I could handle it...even for a day. Really, I would probably just eat the box at breakfast.

Carole Sharpless said...

Welcome back, sweet girl!

Unknown said...

Nice work! And I am with you on the cereal! I can't even let myself have a bite or I will eat half a box. And if the cereal has any kind of chocolate in it I am a total goner!!

Christi said...

First, yay for mountain biking!!!

Second, you are so right about the Special K diet. Every time I see that commercial I just laugh. Don't people get it and how can they responsibly advertise such a thing. Don't get it!

You look great by the way in your pic!

Melissa said...

Yeah for being back at it! I have a new found love for mt biking too :-) And, those commercials, barf.

Carolina John said...

I'm totally addicted to cereal too - can't get enough!

Glad you had a fun ride. I get bike burnout seriously bad too. Haven't ridden the roadie once since Ironman and only been on the stationary twice. And I'm still not looking forward to my next ride.

Jason said...

I don't buy cereal but instead granola and eat it like cereal and you have to see my pantry. Its as if they are going to run out and I stocked up. Every time I see a sale I buy. Maybe someday I'll realize that they will ALWAYS be on sale.

And a diet like that is just asking for somebody to put those 6 back on and then add another 6. I am so glad I have not seen that yet but now I know about it I may have to rage against it in a blog post.

Katie said...

+1 to your cereal rant. that is all.

Kim said...

omg i am ADDICTED to cereal and cannot have it EVER in the house. i finish a box every two days. disgusting.

good for you for going out to ride! happy new year!

Pamela McGowan said...

Nice ride. I need to get out on the roads. Cleveland winter weather bites.

Agree on Special K diet. How can you lose weight eating junky processed carbs? Low carb, high protein is the way to be!

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting back on Princess (that does not sound right!) :)