Friday, October 14, 2011

Wetsuit Issues

So, you are getting ready to have an awesome open water swim.  The gulf is a bit chilly and you are ready to break out the wet suit.  You pull it up and ...whoops!...too much tension in the wrong place.  Next thing you know, you have nice little hole to let all of that chilly water in.  So, what do you do? 

This happened to me this time last year right before Ironman Florida. (And if you have done an IM, you know how stressed out RIGHT before the race)  Thankfully I was able to go to a dive shop for their expert opinion on how to fix a damaged wetsuit.  And what did they say?  Take it to a shoe repair man!  Who would have thought?  

Well, lets rewind to this year.  Same thing.  Except it was a lager hole that appeared (whoops).  But sure thing, my shoe repair guy pulled though like a knight in shining armor.  

It might look like a Frankenstein suit - but hey - it works!
(And a heck of allot cheaper then purchasing a new one!)

Today I tested out - and it was as good as new!
Jason was awesome enough to paddle out with me while I did my open water swim - we where a site to see.  Me rocking my cap and goggle and Jason with his surfboard....and a flat gulf.  
Tourists got a kick out of us.  

So I have the last race of my season this weekend!  A 70.3 - and it's going to be a solo race for me.  I'll know a few people there, which I'm so excited to see!!  BUT it will be a long five hour drive back Sunday :)  


Maggs said...

good luck this weekend! And then enjoy recovery!

emily said...

Wow good luck! Open water swims sound terrifying. I've heard Frankenstein wet suits help you kick butt.

Jason said...

Kill it this weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Christi said...

Have a great weekend Chloe! I am rooting for ya from Colorado!

Unknown said...

I'm behind on blogging! :( Hope the race went well!!!!

My old wetsuit looked like that and it worked fine! :) Got me through two Ironman races with no problems!!!

Maureen said...

Hi Chloe,
I'm a friend of Sarah's and she told me about your Cobbler-turned-wetsuit savior. My boyfriend would like to turn his full-length suit into a shorty; could you tell me which shoe repair store you took it to?