Sunday, October 2, 2011

IMFL is over - now that do we do?

So - you've raced the race of your life.  The kids/support crew and yourself are ready to go an enjoy what the gulf coast has to offer.  So what do you do?  Well, the following are some of my most favorite places to visit when I want to feel like a tourist (and remind me of why I moved to Florida!)

This area is about 30 minutes west of Panama City beach - but so worth the drive.  Quaint beach towns full of wonderful sites, food, and small shops.
Below are some of those beautiful places:
Ever see the Truman Show?  If so, check out Seaside.  And in my opinion - Bud N Allys is the best bar with the best views.  Ever.  :) 

Grayton Beach
A great beach town with amazing views and killer live music!
If you make it to Grayton Beach - the Red Bar is a must!

Want to check out the gulf via a YOLO
So much fun for everyone - including kids!

Well, there you go!  If you have any other questions - let me know!  And happy training! 




You missed one..

Now that Ironman is over, what are you going to do Chloe?, says the reporter sticking a mike in her face.. (visions of Superbowl MVP interviews should fill you mind right now)

"why, I'm going to Disney World, of course"

Christi said...

I want to come just to visit after reading about all your cool sites!

Shelby said...

WHY do I live in Michigan again?