Friday, July 8, 2011

I know I know.

It's been awhile. But I have a good excuse! Really! I do! Last week I was in St. Louis spending time with my family. All of my dad's brothers and sisters (aka - my aunts and uncles) where in town as well as all but three of my cousins. Love it. I enjoy spending quality time hanging out with the family. Drinking wine. And eating excellent food.

Pretending like we are on a roller coaster....

Cocktails at Taste.  The best drinks ever.

My sister, brother and me. 

Tom and I - a reunion 10 years in the making.  We went to school in Europe together and he now lives in St. Louis and owns one of the best restaurants in town - Franco.  If you are ever in the area - this is a must. 

So my Grandmother is 84 years old and is awesome.  She's been having calf/feet issues lately and a light went off in my head.  She needs compression socks!   So we headed over the to local running store and totally hooked her up.  And since then, she has been feeling awesome.  I think that I just opened up a whole new market!

Rock those calf sleeves grandmother!

I did get in several awesome runs with my parents and enjoyed every single moment! 

I hope everyone had a great 4th! 


Melissa said...

Ahhhh...your grandma is so cute! Glad you are having some good times :-)

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

your grandma is so freaking cool. i love it.... i can't stop awesome

jen said...

Great pictures! What a lovely family you have. Your granny especially- she looks great! Sounds like s really fun trip.

LB said...

how cute is your grandmother!!!!??? yeah, older people should totally start rocking the running compression gear, because the compression hose geared towards the older folks are U.G.L.Y!!!!!!

Katie said...

ok. THAT. IS. AWESOME. go grandma!