Thursday, July 28, 2011

What.  A.  Week.  I've been traveling from work since Sunday - so my week has been full of:
This- yummy hotel dinners

This - crappy gyms that have mirrors in front of the dreadmills (that is exactly what I want to look at while I'm running - my legs - ugh)

And this - lots of good soy latte goodness

Needless to say - it's been a long ass week and I'm ready to get home.  But on the plus side - I'm racking up the Hilton Honors Points!  whoop whoop!

But let me go back to the gym.  Typically when i stay at hotels - they have a gym there, but those treadmills tend to hurt my feet.  So they usually offer a free pass to a quality gym.  Well, not this week.  The gym was one of those muscle man gyms that was full of smelly guys, crap music, and when I asked the front desk if they had towels - he looked at me like I was crazy.  He also had on shorts shorter then mine and seemed to live in a tanning bed.  Needless to day - my dreadmill workouts where lightening fast! 

So, random subject.  But does anyone watch Teen Mom?  I really can't stand Amber.  She needs to lay off the tanning and the makeup.  Kind of creeps me out.  And stop fighting with her baby's daddy.  Total anxiety. 

YES....bridezilla!  I don't have this channel at home.  Total trash tv goodness. 

Hopefully I'll have a pretty sweet give-a-way to announce soon! 


Christi said...

Yummy starbucks!

Maggs said...

So this guy would feel at home at that gym?

Libby said...

soy lattes are my drink of choice AND Amber drives me nuts too :) twins from another mother :) you amaze me with your on the road training. that's seriously impressive stuff! I totally wouldn't have the dedication to do it! you are amazing!