Sunday, April 10, 2011


Keep.  It.  Simple.  Stupid.  :)  That is the way I approach setting up my transition.  With the season just starting (well, at least in Florida) I wanted to touch base on this.  For those of you who have not done a triathlon (yet) or new to this sport - this is very important.  Your transition times can make or possibly break your race.  Simplicity is the key.  Your main goal is to get in and out as fast as possible. 

Below you will find my transition for the sprint triathlon I did yesterday:
Helmet on bike with sunglasses in the helmet.  I put my glasses in my helmet so:
1.  I don't forget to put them on
2.  I don't step on them
3.  I put them on before I throw on the helmet
Also - I set my helmet on my aero bars so that I put it on before I take it off of my rack
(you can not leave transition with out your helmet!)

Bike shoes in front (since I put them on 1st)
Garmin turned on so that I don't have to mess with it
hat and bib ready to go
Also, if this was a longer race - I would keep nutrition on my bike and also stick some gu's in my running shoes so I have no choice but to grab it :) 

Another important thing to remember is to put on what you have to while you are stationary (shoes) and everything else while you are running out of T2.  I throw on my shoes, and then grab everything else and I'm outta of there!  There are some pretty random photos out there of me throwing on my hat, watch, and race belt while I'm running! 

Now, your transition my change depending on your race.  The longer the race is, the more water bottles, nutrition, arm warmers, etc you may have. Just make sure it's as simple as possible and works for you!

I can't lie - I look as some peoples transition and it totally stresses me out.  And I just hope that all of their 'stuff' does not take over my little area!

Just remember - the more stuff you have, the more crap you have to deal with!  KISS!  Keep It Simple!

Killer race yesterday!  Race report to come soon!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Great tips here girl!! Thx! Can't wait for that race report even though i know how you did, i look forward to the details.

Aimee said...

Great tips! My transition area looks almost exactly like yours!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

what great tips thanks~

Unknown said...

ah, my brothers always tell me that! COngrats on your race!! SEASON IS HERE< YEA!!

Joel said...

Great reminders, Chloe! At my first race last season, the lady racked next to me had a 5 gallon bucket and literally took a shower in it w/ a water bottle after the swim. Cracked me up!

Unknown said...

simple is best.
Question for ya though-
I end up skipping my Garmin so many times just because I can't stand messing with it. I see that you have the traditional strap on yours (not the velcro strap) how do you get that sucker on so quick?
I guess I just need practice with mine but....
any quick tip you have there would be appreciated :D

Christi said...

Thanks for the awesome tips Chloe! And I can't wait to read your race report.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Your like me. Very simple transition, I dont need everything under the sun. I cringe when I see people carrying buckets or chairs or suitcases, really?!?! Its kinda rude, in my opinion.

Bill said...

Great post. Best tip: Get on the shoes, then grab and go. No wonder you're getting 1st in your age group.

kristen said...

Your the bomb. and too modest!

My eyes went directly to those super sweet running shoes. LOVE them! They are so you!

Mike said...

Quick question, the towel on the bottom, is that a "place mat" or do you use it during transitions? If it's a place mat, cool! If you use it between transitions, shouldn't it be on top? Just a thought. Thank you for sharing your transition plan! :)

Katie said...

awesome, and congrats again on a solid race!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great post!! Looking forward to your race report! Nice shoes!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

All great tips!!

I don't have bike shoes yet, so I still take the time in T1 to put on my running shoes, but once I'm back for T2, I rack my bike, toss my helmet and I'm off.

Two other small suggestions for triathletes.
1. Place a towel on the ground near your bike so you can wipe your feet off while putting your helmet & glasses on (multitasking).
2. If you're able, lock your bike shoes onto your pedals before the race and strap your feet in once you're on the bike.