Friday, October 15, 2010

What is one of your most memorable moments...

...during a race?  I'm in a crap mood right now and I need something to turn this frown upside down.  I am pretty sure this crap mood is due to the start of the taper.  Ugh.  I hate the taper.  Anyway - here are some of my moments (in no specific order):
1.  Augusta - swim under 30 min and finish time of 5:17
2.  My mom coming to New Orleans with me for my first 70.3
(mom and I)
3.  Soon to whole family coming to PCB for IMFL! 
Just a few I can think of right now.  :) 

Random comment - I'm finally watching Biggest Loser from this week.  And the girls are so winy that I can't stand it.  Just shut up and run on the damn treadmill! 

Hope everyone had a great week! 


Judi said...

all of them!

the last 10k of my 26.2 of IMKY. with a girl im gonna be friends with till death. we're doing a 100m MTB race together this year. somehow god put us right there, and we hobbled to the finish line together. it was awesome. don't be afraid to talk to people out there.

this year when i cheered, i took pictures of people screaming "rock star!" at them, they either loved me or hated me.

Maggs said...

It was seeing my sister in IMAZ and having her tell me where I was in the age group. I was not expecting to be that high up, and hearing it from family made it so much better.

You're gonna rock IMF!

Book Worm Runs said...

When I ran my very first 5k and I saw all my friends and family with about a 1/2 mile to go...I wanted to give up sooo bad but they kept me going. And last weekend during my very first half marathon when I passed the mile 10 marker I knew every step after that was a personal distance record and I just got so emotional :o) You are going to do AMAZING at IMF!! Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

i know this will be hard to believe but the taper has been pretty okay. i haven't ripped anyone's head off yet and i haven't gotten one bit antsy, which is a huge surprise to me. However, there are still 6 days left on my taper...good luck with yours Ms. Chloe! BTW, IMFL is on my list for next year.

Christi said...

Good luck with your taper!

Unknown said...

I just did my first tri (sprint) in Sept and it was amazing. I went in with ZERO expectations except to enjoy the experience and have fun. I didn't even bother putting on my Garmin at T1-I said screw it! Just go and have fun!!
The last three miles of the bike ride heading back to the transition area, riding all along the beach I got thinking-I was so proud of myself for coming so far (2 years ago I was 100lbs overweight) and I was SAD that my first tri was almost over! I just got so choked up with emotion-but I was having a blast! and at that point I realized that I had fallen in love with triathlon and road racing lost a bit of it's lustre.
NOTE: I placed 2nd in my AG for that tri :) talk about the icing on the cake.

Best wishes to you~don't let the taper get ya down! Looking forward to reading all about IMFL!!

Habeela said...

My first triathlon was memorable all the way around. It was 58 degrees out, the water temp was 60. Just after we got on the bike it started raining and wind gusts kept knocking bikers off the road. As we headed out on the run, hands were so cold people couldn't tie their shoelaces and when our feet started warming up it felt like we had an extra pair of socks stuffed in our shoes. I saw at least five people stop to check! This was by far the worst weather I've had for a race but it was also by far the funnest race I've ever done! Afterwards a lot of people were complaining about the horrible weather but I absolutely loved it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

For myself, it was my first tri

But, I like to hang around and watch people at the finishline. I was about to go home, thinking that the race has ended, but I saw at the corner of my eye, two more runners, so I waited and when they crossed the finish line, I noticed it was a blind man and his sherpa. Wow, I was instantly moved after seeing that.

Unknown said...

Just think, soon you will be racing IMFL and ROCKIN' it!! All that HARD work will PAY OFF!! And then you can have some good wine, yea!!