Monday, October 4, 2010

Want free IMFL stuff???

This is you...
"I want to sign up for IMFL 2011, but I don't want to do body marking or work at an aide station.  I guess I should just watch."

"No!  You can have to coolest job, get the best freebies (seriously), be out on the bike course catching cheaters, and still watch everyone finish!"

Interested in being a draft marshal for IMFL?  Just let me know.  There are a few requirements that I will pass long if you shoot me an 'I'm interested' e-mail.  But really - it's such a great time.  You get to cheer everyone on and be involved with the longest section of the race.  It's so awesome finding your friends and cheer them on as well as everyone else while they are riding boring the back country roads of northern Florida. 
*one major requirment is that you don't give me a card this year :) *

If you are inetersted - just shoot me an e-mail pretty quickly and I'll let you to the right contact person.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! 


Chris said...

I wish I lived near the race!!! I really want to race it but don't want to travel to IMFL because I am doing IMAZ a few weeks later.

Thanks for volunteering.

Unknown said...

I would do it in a second if
1) I was closer to FL
2) hubby would let me go on a vaca for a couple days