Saturday, September 11, 2010

The secret to open water ocean swimming is...

...well, I don't know to be honest.  Sometimes before a start of a race I look like this:

When the gulf looks like a washing machine, you know it will be a changeling swim.  (Please note the girl smiling behind me, she just told me she's never swam in the gulf before and wanted to know what she needed to do.   Awesome)

 DS from Pain lets you know you're still alive asked a few questions on my last post about open water swimming.  For those of you who do not know my background, I've been swimming since I was 7...and I'm almost 30.  I'm pretty comfortable swimming in almost anything.  Except for massive amounts of seaweed.  Gross.  Anyway, when it comes to the secret, most of it is mental.  I think the biggest issue is the anxiety that comes with the start of a race.  Figuring out where the buoys are, how deep the water is, battling all the people around you, just to name a few.  So the first pointer would be to stay calm, get a rhythm, and focus on where you are.  The last thing anyone wants to do is to swim further then they need to! 

Another thing is to find a comfortable pair of goggles.  I LOVE the old school Swedish goggles.  I've been using these bad boys for YEARS.  But lately I've found that when I do swim in the gulf, the lack of cushion on the Swedish cause irritation in my eye sockets.  Major irritation, kind of like I burnt my eyelids.  So today I broke away and purchased a new pair.  I was just a bit stressed out deciding on a pair - but since I had a Nike gift card, it helped narrow the choices down:

So we'll see how these guys measure up to the old faithful Swedish.

Don't drink the water.  Try to keep your mouth shut except with you breath.  Salt water tastes like crap and can tear up your tummy if you take in to much.  After any open water swim, I grab a cup of water just to wash out my mouth.  You can't avoid it all together, but just try not to get mouthfuls.

We're doing a 'back yard triathlon' tomorrow morning with a 2.4 mile open water swim, so if I think of anymore after the swim, I'll let you know.  But if anyone has anything to add, please do!  I hope this helps!

So...when I was at the nike store - I came across this bad boy:

Could not help myself.  :)

Happy training everyone!!


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

OMG that shirt is priceless!

I swim with the big old aquasphere seal goggles. I need a windshield on my face, lol. Plus I have this whole water in my eyeballs thing, the bigger the goggles the more sense of dry eye security, haha.

Christi said...

Thanks for the open swim tips! I really need them. I panic every single time. Of course, I need more time in open water and that would help.

I love the shirt!


I love my swedish goggles. I wore them at Ironman Florida, and no issues.

Nice TEE-shirt, although I had to read it twice before I caught on.

kristen said...

Good tips for sure. Although I always get a shit load of water. Never bothers me UNLESS I'm in salt water! Blech.

Your titles look HUGE in that shirt :)

Anonymous said...

OMFG that shirt is AWESOME!!!


Let me know if you see any chemical dispersent in the water... 8 weeks to go!! Hard to believe it's so close and I'm still suffering from the one 2 weeks ago... cool, cloudy and no wind is what would be great.... but since I'm showing up.... it will be 95, windy and sun beating down on us...

DS said...

Woah, takin' on the jellies!! "You've got serious thrill issues, dude." Thanks for the shout and info on open water swimming. As well as putting your life on the line trying out experimental home remedies. Who knew a small swim would be so hazarous? BTW I hear that urine is the best solution (even though its pretty gross). ~DS

Gina said...

Dear Chloe,

I understand that we are having problems right now... but we'll get through it. I promise. Please don't give up on us.


(Swedish Goggles -- just so no one thinks you have some creepy human stalker... i'm just goggles)

P.S. Maybe try the multicolor look again ... it will help you remember our younger years.

Jamie said...

Hehehe. It looks like your shirt says titties.... hehe