Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to clean your bike

First of all - I got over my fear of open water swimming.  Well, I would not say a fear of open water - just a fear of those monsters we call jelly fish.   Saturday Carla and Ron pretty much told me - we are doing an open water swim and you are joining us.  So after looking at the gulf:
I was all about it.  No jelly fish in sight.  We got in a great 80 min swim.  I also wrangled Ron and swim coach Jonathan to swim on Monday as well:

Well, that fear did not last long.  :) Take that jelly fish.  You can't bring this girl down.

After our long ass workout on Sunday - Ron took Carla and I to his 'Man garage' and showed us how to clean our bikes.  I'll get a more detailed description to you later (I have to discuss what we did with Carla - I have a feeling I forgot parts) I know it included a hose, a few different kinds of spray stuff and a stiff brush.    But I did get some killer photos of Babs (Bad Ass Bike) and the Princess getting a face lift:

Team QR is ready to race!

Training is going awesome.  Most of the time.  Today was one of those 4am wake up calls I just did not want to open my eyes to.   So I had a piss poor attitude.  Just ready to get the ride done with so I could drink my coffee and watch the Today show.  But then I saw this:

And my frown just turned upside down.  What a beauitful sunrise!  :) 

Anyone else out there doing Augusta?  If so, let me know!  Babs and the Princess are heading out on Friday!  Whoohooo!!! 

Random Rant:  I hope Liddsey Lohan goes to jail.  She has a major drug problem and needs to go away for a long time before she runs someone over.  Plus, I'm freaking tired of hearing about her.  (Told you it was random!) 


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

looking forward to the bike cleaning post. I wonder about bike is dirty. LOL. I'm going to Augusta 70.3 in 2011? Does that count?

AM! said...

Sooo agree about Lindsay! ok, yah, that was random, but agree!;-)

and I default to the DH to clean my bike. i KNOW i need to get more hands on w/it..

Aimee said...

I have to confess that I've never cleaned my bike! My husband is the "bike guy" around here and he always does it for me...I love him! :) I know I need to learn to do it myself, but it's actually something he likes to do.
Ugh...I CANNOT stand LL! She just needs to disappear!

Bill said...

I do clean my bike, but often wonder if I'm doing all that I'm supposed to do. One of the local tri clubs has a clinic coming up. I think I should attend. Nothing like a clean ride.

Emily said...

I'm SO impressed you got back in the water after the jellyfish sting! I'm not sure I would be gutsy enough. Good luck in Augusta!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

A clean bike is a happy bike, and a happy bike is a FAST bike!!!

Katie said...

hahahahaha. I was like, lindsey lohan what now? but i agree. go to jail!

have a great weekend!! stay away, jellies! i always think of nemo's dad bouncing on the jellies. probably doesn't work as well if you aren't a cartoon.


I usually drop my bike in the pool in the backyard.... wash and wear..
We are getting close, aren't we??

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

i love you you three do everything together! what an awesome group you have :)

Maggs said...

what an awesome sunrise. And I agree with you about Lindsey Lohan. Tired of hearing about it. But I tire of hearing about any celebrity news. It's not news to me.

Kim said...

Wow, I definitely want those "how to clean your bike details" ok! I have NO idea what I am doing! Love that pic of you out on your bike. Ok.. if you are getting up at 4am, I can get up at 4am.. I have GOT to tell myself that when the alarm goes off. I've got about 1.5 more months of IM trianing and I need to buckle down!! Thanks for inspiring me!! Glad training is going well!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey! Glad you are doing well and cleaning your bike and swimming with the jellyfish! :)) 4am does come early - it is the best when we are done w/ the workouts, but 4am hurts a bit. Good luck w/ the training still!