Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This has NOTHING to do with triathlon, athletics, food, wine...this is all about fishing. The cobia are now running our beaches, and Jason has been all over them. Check out this video of Jason and our friend Christian bringing a few of these tasty guys in:


Feel free to check out Jason's fishing site: Fish Bones Guide Service or Shallow Water

Ok, there might be just a little bit of training talk on this post. I had a killer brick on Sunday. Plan was to get up and knock it out early. But mother nature had another plan. And that plan was FOG. Lots of FOG. Biking in a cloud does not bother me, but when it's so thick that you can't see the traffic lights, that's a but much for me. So I waited. And waited. And freaking waited for it to burn out. Finally around 11(!!)the sunshine came around. As well as the heat. Holy smokes was it HOT. So around 2:30 I was finished. On the couch. Drinking some wine since lent is over!!

Hope everyone is having a killer week!!


Sam said...

Holy Fog Bank! ;-) Glad you still got some training in!

P.S. You know Wine is like Duct tape..it fixes everything.

Sue said...

ok, i cant get mike to go to kona, but he does want to go to florida. go figure!!


Same fog here on sunday
I stayed off the roads because of it.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I can deal with most conditions when riding, fog scares the crap out of me. Scared a car wont see me till its too late.

Kim said...

Glad you got your brick done despite the fog! That's great!! I'm sure it is about that time of year when it starts to get hot hot hot! I wish I lived there! That woudl be great St. croix training!!