Friday, November 20, 2009

Yule Log on demand? Who would have thought?

Good luck to everyone racing IMAZ on Sunday! If you are stalking people online - check out some fellow training partners:

Missy: 2598
Lisa: 2664
Burk: 1326
Michael: 1044 (1st one!!!)
Kent: 1709

IMAZ Crew:

We decided to have a 'tri' training girls night the other night (aka - eat good food and drink a ton of wine) and Kelly decided to make some posters for us to post on The Face for our friends:

And in other IM news - as everyone knows, my homestay Will was not able to compete in IMFL due to being sick. Well, he did get into IM Cozumel! I do not have his number yet - but I will post it as soon as Will forwards it on. (side note - Bree Wee is racing (my FAV pro!!) I told Will to tell her hi for me!)

Random News:

So I ran Draggin' Tail 18 mile race today. It's held in the ONLY part of Northern Florida that has massive hills. No lie. But it's a great training run and put on by a very fun group of people. My whole goal was to keep with a 9 min pace and then the last four miles pick it up to 8:30. I was rocking out about an 8:50 pace until mile 11. When my tummy said STOP! YOU WILL NOT GO ANY FURTHER! Well, when the tummy talks, I have no choice but to listen. And this run it literally in the middle of no where. No 'emergency' stopping areas. Needless to say - I only completed 12 miles. So my focus the new few weeks will be my DIET so I don't run into that issue again!

Yule log - I found that channel today. For some reason it's on demand. So starting next Friday - I know what our big tv will be on!

Yet there is another 'Little Chloe' out there - (who would have thought!) and she raced in the regional cross country meet today! Stop by her mom's BLOG check out her season!

Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend!


Judi said...

diet, i am struggling too. always this time of year, from halloween to the end of the year.

Sue said...

Arent you the sweet one!! Grand day for us, the best ever...onward to Reno for the National Championship meet...I am drinking a nice red tonight:) Hugs

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

there are hills in florida! i second that! especially northern fl..i'm killing some nice red tonite too! im debating gulf coast right now. i duno if it will be enough recovery time? did you sign up for IM fl?

kristen said...

Little Choloe looks like a badass!

Sorry about the tummy issues. Yikes. I hope you receoverd quickly. Better to get those details figured out now!