Monday, August 31, 2009

YES! Internet!!

I have not been connected for a few days now. But finally the Comcast guys pulled through and our internet is up and going! And I'm not going to lie - but I have never paid for inernet. Ever. I've always lived in condos that either #1 it came free or #2 made friends with the neighbor who had it. But Jason and I have taken the big step and purchased our own connection :)


So much has happened since I've last blogged! We're all moved into the new place and loving it. New job starts tomorrow. LeeAnn and Eric got married. And I've started training again!

I'm going to take a moment and express my love for Delta. Hour delay from the beach to Memphis. No biggie except I had an hour delay in Memphis to catch my flight to Kansas City. When we landed - my connection was taking off. The very nice lady at the counter (really, she was nice) said that I 'might' be able to make it on the KC flight the next day...flying stand by. WTF. I had mani's and peddi's with the other bridesmaids at 11 the next morning in Kansas City. So what did I do? Rented a freaking car and drove from Memphis to St. Louis, stayed at my parents, and then drove from St. Louis to KC with my sister. And made it in time for the pedi's. :) But Delta refused to refund me anything - even though it was their fault.....but I'm flying Delta tomorrow Orlando, so hopefully I can get something out of it.

So much to talk about - but for now I'm just going throw out a few pictures from the wedding which was amazing and perfect in every way. Congrats again to LeeAnn and Eric!



Airlines can certainly be frustrating. I know. I flew 85,000 miles last year.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are settling in. Hope everything goes well with the new job. Happy training.

You all look fabulous in the pictures.

Katie said...

What beautiful pictures! Glad you have internet and are back to the blogging world... we have missed ya!

Missy said...

Looks like a perfect kind of day! Very fun. Gee, is that your mom?! Yeah, kinda look alike.

kristen said...

Sounds like you probably would have been to busy to blog anyways. Great news about being settled. I have a horror story about delta too. Bastards.

Amy said...

Um, I was totally delayed going through Memphis too! WTF? I flew through there to get to Louisville. ON DELTA! How annoying.

Loved the pics - looked like a perfect day for a wedding. And you look so pretty! Love the b'maid dresses!