Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear Jim Cantore

It's not that bad out. Really. It's not. I turned on the weather channel this morning and it seemed all of the Sunday morning weather guys where having mini orgasms (sorry to but it that way - but I can't help it!) They where so giddy about Claudette (which was not even considered a tropical storm at 6am) as well as Bill and who ever else is brewing up in the gulf.

But Jim - come one now. Stop making it look like it's a freaking cat 4 when it's just a tropical depression. You're scaring the tourists :)

My mom came down from St. Louis to not only hang out on the beach and spend time with my sister and I - but she also moved my sister back to the midwest. I miss her terribly - but she has decided to go back to school to be a teacher. So I went from a full house - to an empty condo. Kind of - hmmm..well, lonely. But it won't last long - big J and I found a great place on the bay which we are going to be moving into over the next few weeks!! Anyone need a place to crash for IMFL!?!? We have room!

Bidezillas? I know some of you have to watch it. It totally stresses me out to watch - come on rock of love! I need you in times like this!!



My favorite when living in Houston was the weather forcaster standing in waist deep water at an under pass on the highway talking about all the deadly things that could be in the water..... GET OUT DUMB SH*T!!!

Amy said...

Sad about your sis but exciting about moving in with Jason! You and your mom look identical btw.

George Houston said...

My Dad & Grandmother live right down the road from you in Point Washington.

Glad you guys are safe!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

I live on the coast in South Carolina. During one category one hurricane, Jim and his gang were down the road making a huge scene about the weather. What I was watching on TV and what I was actually looking at out the window (we were ocean front, at my work) were two different things. He and his cohorts tend to be drama queens I believe. LOL!

Melissa said...

I love watching the weather guys during hurricanes, they are so funny! You letter sounds like what we get here in the winter "major Colorado Blizzard??" when really it's 60 degrees and sunny down in Boulder.

Sad your sister moved back to m'west, but sounds like she is making a good career step. Can't wait to hear about hte new condo though, I want to come down and IMspectate :-)

Um...I'm still contemplating a boycott of Rock of Love after the way Daisy of Love ended. For real? But if you watch it I'll watch it! And yeah, cannot do Bridezillas b/c those people make me mad at how stupid they are.

OMG I wrote you a book! :-)

Aka Alice said... hurricanes on this coast, but we do get wildfires in the fall. I have the same opinion of the news reporters who are standing in front of a brush fire that's under control and scaring everyone...I mean fires are scary, but still....

You and your mom could be sisters. (I'll be she loves reading that!)

Kim said...

I love the mini orgasm comment..that was hilarious! Looks crazy! Glad you didn't get caught out there!

kristen said...

Sorry to hear your sisters leaving town. Sounds like your moving on in your life too. That's cool. You guys are georgeous and you all look like each other - especially you and your mom.

Herrad said...

Came by to say hello and wish you well.
Hope you are having a good day.