Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My mother and Grandmother are heading down to Floida this weekend to spend some time with my sister and I. Originally, it was just going to be mom, but Grandmother wanted to come down as well. The more the merrier! But that means we'll have to seriously deep clean the condo before they get down here. Good times.

Training wise - a friend of mine lent me her sweet tri bike until I get my own. It's a Fuji and I love it. It has clips and thankfully I have yet to crash and burn with my feet still attached to the pedals! We've been having a group ride every Sunday morning which is usually around 45-50 miles and then jump off the bikes and run 5 miles or so. It sucked real bad at first - but not it's not nearly as bad. Gotta love training.

I have a sprint triathlon this weekend which my mom is going to go to with me. It's her first one - so I'm pretty pumped that she'll get to see it!

Oh yeah - now I'm 28. Ugh.

Recap of my 27th year:
Still living in Florida
Still working the same job
Jumped into Triathlons and love it - or addicted to it (and my abs look great!)
Got rid of the sports car and now have a 4 door Jetta
Some how made it into a huge fishing magazine with a sweet speckled trout I caught

Hmm...kind of a non-eventful year. Well, at least for me. But my best friend Gina got married and is now a Jolly! Kim and Joe are walking down the isle soon and so are so many other friends. Congrats to them!!

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Sam said...

Steal away on the countdown thing..pretty cool eh?

Have a great weekend with all your visitors! ;)

And good luck at your tri.