Monday, October 1, 2012

October is totally my month

I love October.  One is that my birthday is the 3rd!   But this year it's uber special for the following reasons:

I have FOUR races this month!

And two of them are REV3!

I'm GOTRIbal Ambassador of the month! (Which means I will be blogging more since I've neglected it for the past month!)

Jason and I are having our wedding shower! - one step closer to marrying the surfer boy of my dreams!
    Pretty dreamy don't you think?
    And hopefully the humidity will go away! 

    I'm also getting really excited about my new coach - Karen Meadows.  I'll talk more about her in another post, but I'm so excited about the improvment I've seen and what next season will bring for me!  Karen rocks and I've known her and her family for years!

    This month is going to ROCK.  And require large amounts of coffee! 


Maggs said...

Yay for October! Seriously sad I won't see you in November!

Katie said...

happy birthday, girl!!!! are you only 5 days older than me? that would be fun. :)