Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stairs and Yoga anyone?

The past few Mondays me and a few of my training partners have been doing stairs.  Not your 'we'll go up and down the bleachers' stairs.  But STAIRS.  I use all capitol letters because he lives here:

23 stories of goodness.  We use one of the side stairwells where teenagers probably make out when they are here on vacation and people smoke when they can't in their condo.  It's smelly, hot, and very challenging.  It typically takes us under 3 minutes going every other stair to get to the top. But the view is totally worth it:

And then after going in circles three or four times - we are lucky enough to have one of our Hammerdown team members, Ashley, teach a yoga class.  Ashley is a fantastic yoga instructor (and the one who got me into crossfit).  On the off season we are on the beach - but due to the amount of people on the beach right now, we are stuck inside with this view:

Not too bad - right?  
But I would like to thank Ashley for reminding me how inflexible I am.  This girl - cannot even touch her toes.  

In wedding news (I know it's been awhile) but our save the dates are finally out.  I told Big J that there is no way he can back out now!
As stated on our save the days -
We are finally taking the plunge!!  


Carolina John said...

Stair workouts can be serious ass-kickers. Well done!

Foges said...

fantastic 'save the date' pic!

Ashley G said...

Agree. Perfect Pic. You will get more flexible; stick with it!