Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No more green hair!

So.  All through my elementary/middle/high school years I always had a light green tint to my hair and a lovely chlorine smell to - well - everything.  And no, it was not some weird phase, it was all of the chlorine from the countless hours I spent in the pool.  Most of the time an indoor pool - which meant mega chlorine.  Well, SBR Sports has an AMAZING line of hair products/body gels/lotions that get that wonderful smell out (yeahhh!!) and keeps your hair nice and normal!  Whoop whoop!  I've been using their TRISWIM products for the last month and have fallen in love.  And now you can too - with a sweet discount! Through the month of February (get it - for Valentines day) get 20% off with the code below!!!:

Go to their SITE and heck out their amazing products!

In training news - IMTX training is kicking my ass.  Long rides in nasty, sandy, windy Florida winter weather.  But I'm not going to complain to much - there is no way I could do a four hour ride on a trainer!  A huge kudos to those of you up north!   

Bring on the sand and nasty roads:

Bring on the harsh winds that make my face hurt and freeze snot to my face (and glasses, and fingers....):

I'm already past the early mornings when I'm happy I at least grabbed a clean kit - but matching might be another story.....

BUT at least I grab the right suit:

Have to love some Rev3 Goodness!

My nutrition has been spot on.  I've been eating lots of fruits and veggies - and so far my body is loving every bite!

Happy training everyone! 


Christi said...

I love Tri Swim. I have been using their stuff for a year now and it works great.

Congrats on the IMTX training!

Carolina John said...

Nice job kicking up the IMTX training! Find that next level.

Jason said...

Love SBR. Been using it for over a year and what a difference it makes. Been looking for a coupon code and now I have one....of to shopping.

And while not up north, but rather out west I rode last weekend for 4 hours on the trainer. It was below freezing on Saturday and the previous Saturday I was out there in 31* and it was miserable. The 4 hours was so much better believe it or not.

107 days.......but whose counting!

Kim said...

ive heard great things about triswim. too bad i am not swimming at all so it would go to waste. so jealous of the outdoor riding you are doing. boston is coooold!

Katie said...

I did 5 hours on the trainer a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure my brain melted. I'd much rather be out fighting the wind!