Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Very Random Post

Note - this is a very random post.  Just to warn you.  :)

I found a few triathlon friends who where all about a raw dinner party. So this is my first go at Raw Pesto.  It was simple and pretty darn good.  Check out the recipe here...Basic Raw Vegan Basil Pesto 
Sideways - I know.  Can't get it to change :) 

Ok - back to exciting times.  My mom and dad came down to spend some time at the beach with me.  I'm super close to my family and it was awesome seeing them.  We at tons of amazing food...and had a few buckets of wine....yum.

Mom and Dad

I really have the best tan lines ever...ugh.  They will never go away!

On with this week.  So I'm heading to Orlando for a conference until Saturday morning - and then a 70.3 on Sunday.  My packing OCD is kicking in hard core.  I'm packing my triathlon stuff in one room, work stuff in another room, and FOOD in the kitchen (just to keep everything separated).  Hopefully I have everything needed for the next five days.  Hopefully. 

The race I have on Sunday is called the 'Intimidator'  and it is going to be hotter then hell.  The race is in the middle of Florida - and the heat index the past few days have be 95+.   So I'm giong to switch up my nutrition a bit (any feedback is welcome).  With the heat - it's hard for me to eat. 
I'm going to focus on taking my Hammer Endurolytes every 30-45 minutes, going through my two bottles of cytomax with carbo-pro mixed in (extra calories), water from my aero bottle (refill on the course) and at least two rice krispie treates (my new addiction).  I've been training with them - and so far so good. 
Hammer Endurolytes, water from the course, and then yummy strawberry shot blocks. 
Thoughts?  Feelings?  I'm actually pretty excited about this race - I have not done it before.  And I will be there SOLO.  All I can say - it's going to be a long drive home! 

ANOTHER GIVE-A-WAY soon!  I am super stoked about this product and sharing the LOVE I have for it!  Ladies who rock out the bike need to..wait...have to check out this product.  More details soon! 
(But I will share the link:  Reflect Sports)

PS - the a/c is out in my house.  I want to die.  I guess it's good 'training' for my race this weekend! 


kristen said...

Your mom and you look like sisters. That is a great shot of the two of you. And I love that your mom is clutching her bag like somebody is going to try and steal it from her.

Good luch this weekend girl! althought I don't envy the packing (job. That some stress right there.)

um a/c broken in Florida is bad enough, but in JUNE. Your probably glad to be traveling this week :)

Christi said...

Kristin is right you and your mom do look like sisters!

Have a great work trip and then go kick ass at your race!

Katie said...

I might also recommend tiny hard pretzels on the bike - in super hot conditions, the salt seems to help me a LOT (and it tastes amazing at that point).

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Hot mama and daughter duo!!!

Rock those tanlines- you earned them!!

Good luck with your race this weekend!!

RR said...

I live for rice krispie treats! they are the only thing i can stomach, and they work so well!

Bill said...

Good luck with the "Intimidator" this weekend. It's a tough, but rewarding race. Keep hydrated on that run.