Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's that time of year...

...when the weather is perfect and all you want to do is be outside.  Saturday was probably the most 'perfect' day of the far.  So we started out the day with a nice 'easy' 25ish mile ride.  Our turn around point was Alys Beach - and we totally acted like tourists:

Carla:  What is the gate code to get on the beach?
Chloe:  Try 1234

How do the bikes look on the rack?

Damn you gate codes - keeping us out!

What else happens on nice Saturdays?
Bridal Showers!

Yep - we can clean up :)

So I've been in Jacksonville Beach all week for work.  I've done a few runs (including the Lululemon Run!)  and I even set my bike up on the trainer in the hotel room (talk about dedication).  But tonight something very creepy happened.  I was running along the road that is right next to Jax beach this evening.  It was not dark and there where several people out and about.  I was totally in the zone rocking out to my G Love and Special Sauce Pandora Radio Station knocking out the miles.  Then out of no where some guy ran up to me and said "your ass has been keeping me going for the last mile".  What the fuck.  "Um, thanks I guess" was my response.  He kept on trying to talk to me - and I just sped up.  So my 10 mile run was cut to 8.  Normally I'm all about chatting with other runners - but this guy totally freaked me out.  So thank you creepy running guy for screwing up my run today.  I hope you eat some bad fish and and throw up for the next few days. 

In better news I found the most wonderful store in the world - YOBE  If you have never heard of this wonderful place - you BUILD YOUR OWN YOGURT.  Heaven.  Can't wait to go back tomorrow.


Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

what's up with all the freaks since the weather has been nice? there have been a TON of incidents around here too and im super freaked out! glad you are ok and dropped the guy like a bad habit! scary stuff

Tawnee Prazak, M.S., CSCS said...

1234... classic!

Dude, the "ass comment" guy is a total freak and it's that crap that makes me nervous for all the girls out there running. Glad you played it smart and cut the run short.

Kim said...

creeeeepster! i am so jealous you are running/biking outside... and wearing sleeveless dresses!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You two look like little kids at the gate "Let me in, let me in!!!"

I hate creepy people.

Christi said...

You are the second person this week to be stalked by a creepy person. Bree Wee had the same problem. What is up with the weirdos!

I love the pix and your bikes look awesome!

Kim said...

Oh man.. let's just say.. the people in PA are so jealous right now as I look out my window and all I see is crappy @ss snow!! I"VE HAD IT CHLOE!! Please send sunshine my way! Great pictures! Looks like you are having fun!!

Katie said...

AHHHHHHHH! I am so jealous of your ride! I've gotten out barely once a week and it sucks!!!! enjoy it for me!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Wo-hoo! Look at you rocking the Trinity kit! That alone should grant you automatic access to the snooty peoples beach.
The good thing about creepy people is that usually they aren't good runners so you can outrun them with speed and/or distance when needed. Damn freak!
Gotta go google YOBE now to see if we have any here in TPA.
Looks like another awesome weekend of riding. Even though I have a half-mary on Sunday, I'm hitting the hills tomorrow for 67 miles, just like last weekend. So what if my legs are trashed for the race, right? I figure it will be good training for the 70.3 coming up in 3 weeks.

MissFancyPants said...

What an ass! Why is it that we have to deal with this crap and always have to worry each time we go running... when to run, where to run, etc...glad your safe! PS I am also jealous in Jersey of your ride, but looks like our rain is clearing off the snow and may be able to finally ride outside this weekend...fingers crossed.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said... YOBE near me :(
J-ville and Tally, no Tampa.

Colleen Walseth said...

the weather looks amazing!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Jealous X 10,000!!! It is so cold and snowy here right now!

Yah that guy was kinda creepy butt he has a point!! Haha now I am creepy!

You ladies clean up well!

And what is this Lululemon Run??? Why isn't there one in my city???

Jon said...

You have some wicked awesome weather down there! Jealous!