Monday, August 9, 2010

The goodness found in Northern Florida

We had a KILLER 94ish mile ride on Saturday, which has been my longest ride.  EVER!  It was about a billion degrees outside, but I felt great.  We had an amazing crew of riders - and even though we had 2 flats and one broken spoke we still rocked out the mileage. 

But riding around on your bike in rural Northern Florida, you never know what you are going to see:
Yeah, not sure what a feeder pig is.

This place in Lavoina has the scariest.  Bathroom.  Ever. 

This is a freaky as a clown.

Just a little A/C on the head

Cam and I - the only lovley ladies on the ride

The rest of Saturday was spent with my family and dinner and drinks at the Red Bar:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


Caratunk Girl said...

Wow sounds like a ton of fun! Some freaky stuff out there...feeder pig??


Silly girl... A feeder pig is a weaned gilt or barrow weighing 40 - 80 lbs at 6 - 8 weeks of age that is sold to be finished for slaughter.... didn't everyone know that?

Maggs said...

what's a gilt or barrow ;-)


And no doubt the drinks at the RED BAR included recovery formula!

Katie said...

awesome ride!!!! i love the helmets in the freezer. need to find a way to bring a freezer along on the ride....

Big Daddy Diesel said...

the weirdiest thing i seen in Ohio is a loose Llama, corralled buffalo, and a sign that said mini donkeys for sale, though I didnt see them, oh anf a concrete made cornfield, like it was art or something

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

wowsers 94 miles! i only did 81 on sat. you're making me feel lazy! owell hopefully my coach knows what he's doing lol... i remember those crazy northern fl rides in pcola when i was there. i heard the KKK still exists in some of those backwoods places. scary stuff!

Gina said...

1. Who is drinking the Busch Light?? LOL!

2. You are from MISSOURI -- you should know what a feeder pig is! :) Just kidding, I lived of a "farm" and didn't know!

3. Are you implying that we didn't go on a 94 mile bike ride back in the day. I'm pretty sure from my house to McD's to Bill's house to my house was 94 miles, right?? HAHA