Friday, June 11, 2010

Hoooo Ha!

The ear is FINALLY better! So on tap today was an easy run and a swim. I thought long and hard about going to the pool or the gulf. .01 seconds later I opted for the open water swim. I'm not sure why I always get strange looks when I go to the beach to swim. Could it be the swim cap? Or possibly that I have on a pink two piece that says 'YIKES' on the butt? But the beach was perfect, flat, and clear today and I got in an amazing workout.

But I'm not going to lie. I know I've mentioned this before - but I am absolutely terrified of dolphins. Specially when I'm swimming....on their turf. I know they will not hurt me and they are just doing their thing, but I do not want to be close to them. Well, today they decided to hang out by me for a few minutes. I literally thought I was going to cry. But I figured if I just kept on going, they would get bored. Which they did. Thank goodness. Dolphins. I'm sure I'll have nightmares tonight.

Anyway - Judi from Miles of Madness RAVED about this amazing product for us female cyclists:

Yes, it's called Hoo Ha Ride Glide. I am SO excited to try this little bit of heaven out. FINALLY some riding cream that is made specifically for women...and not just for balls. And the best part? I sent them an e-mail and free samples are heading my way!! I will no doubt give you guys a product review. Check out their SITE

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Can't help but love the name for the ointment! Looking forward to hopefully a glowing review. Happy to hear that your ear infection cleared up and you were able to get in an OWS. The water looks gorgeous by the way! Did you ever have a bad dolphin encounter? Have an awesome weekend!

Maggs said...

I'm going to try it for sure! Hope you had a nice swim. I see dolphins a lot on my ocean swims. A couple years ago after a swim race there were some in Waimea Bay. A guy was in the bay and started cramping and was having a really hard time getting to shore. The dolphins circled him and made a 'scene' until the lifeguards got close to him. True story.

Bill said...

I would love dolphins to swim next to me. It's the sharks I worry about. Keep enjoying that open water. Looks gorgeous.

Christi said...

I am glad to hear that your ear infection has cleared. Those are not any fun! You are so lucky to have OWS options at your back door. I wish my were closer!

Aimee said...

Hooray for no more ear infection! Wow, that looks like a beautiful place to swim!

Love the Hooha cream name. I'm interested to hear how it works!

Amy said...

1) love the suit (too cute)
2) can't beleive you're scared of dolphins.
3) but if I ever saw one while I was swimming I'd be scared of them too.

Love the glide name. TOO funny.