Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chloe + Heat and Humidity = Love

That is what I keep on telling myself. It's been hot hot hot here. This morning I had a pretty killer brick that I decided to knock out by myself. There where a ton of great group rides today - but I know myself way too well. If I bike with a group, I will not run after. Plus I needed to start REALLY early so that I could be finished no later then 9:30 and melt to the sidewalk.

Here is what the FJ read this morning when I left:

I decided to make the 30 minute drive to Seaside to do this brick for many reasons. The top ones being:
The views from the bike:

The Trail run after (sorry, no photos) with nice, cold water fountains scattered throughout along with shaded trails for about 1/2 of the run. There is also an amazing farmers market where I was able to pick up some amazing food.

I know I've talked about Seaside before - but it's a 'high end' beach area. So after I finished my 4+ hour brick I decided to hang out in the shade for a few moments. With the large amount of tourists in the area, some odd looks where thrown my way. Whatever - I got in a killer workout and felt awesome. And I sweat alot:

But even with the heat - I felt amazing. My body is finally getting used to it and I'm really working on nailing my nutrition/hydration for these long training days - which are only going to get longer. Thank goodness for Hammer Endurolytes and Heed. To be honest, I was really nervous about the 6 mile run today after my 3+ish hour ride today. The ride just felt too good and I thought that feeling would go down the toilet once I started to run. But once I got going - a huge grin came across my face and I knew I would actually enjoy hitting the trails.

For those of you who have a Publix Grocery Store in your area - they have Gatorade on sale - 15 for $10!!

DON'T FORGET! Clearwater 70.3 will be on NBC tomorrow (Sunday) at 3pm Central Time! Clear your schedules or set your DVR!

Oil Spill Update:
Bay County's first tangible landfall from the Deepwater Horizon accident is not tar balls or oil plumes. Instead, it was a suspected piece of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded and sank off the coast of Louisiana in April.

According to U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Steve Caskey, a tank weighing 5,000 pounds with a 550-gallon capacity washed ashore near 14th Street and Front Beach Road in Laguna Beach.

Well, at least it's not oil. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Christi said...

Great workout! The heat must be crazy! We are still getting cold weather here in Colorado which is really weird for this time of the year.

Aimee said...

It sounds like you had an awesome workout and in a beautiful place too! It is so great when you do a workout and you can tell that all of your training is paying off!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty awesome when you finally get acclimated....solid workout. a 4 hour brick ain't nada to sneeze at...especially in the heat

Kim said...

Wow C. Way to nail it! Glad you're getting used to the heat, although that is quite the ungodly hour to get up.. dang though, I wish you could bottle a little of that and send it up here to get me ready for Buffalo Springs Lake.. Oh my gosh, I think I didn't facebook you back and I am just realizing that right now. I am a bad friend, I will do better, in the mean time.. you're doing awesome women.. keep it up.. you're an inspiration!!

Frayed Laces said...

Ha, I remember Seaside! When I was a kid we would stay at a state park near there and then go into the town to make fun of all the stuffy rich people.

Amy said...

Great job on the brick!!!! I love(d?) when I have (had?) good brick workouts....totally makes you believe you really are ready for the races.

Um, Seaside is where you did that race and sent me the Vera Bradley bag, right? I know it is, so I love the town too. No pics needed.