Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Do you like cherries? I LOVE them. I'm a seasonal fruit kind of girl - and when cherry season comes around, I'm on cloud nine. Well, the other day I got this in the mail:

Heaven. In. A. Bottle. This stuff is amazing. Personally, I'm a fan of the Whey Cherry. This is a great tasting post workout recovery drink.

Now, I'm not a dietitian and I'm not trying to tell you that Cheriboundi is going to help you lose weight or cut an hour off of your half ironman. I am all about how something tastes and how it makes me feel. And this bottle full of cherry goodness tastes great and puts a smile on my face. Check out their site Cheriboundi when you get the chance.

Oil Report...none here...yet. Our beaches are still full of sugar white sands and lovely blue waters. BUT I did go to a BP meeting last night where they are trying to recruit captains and their boats to help out with the 'booms' and other oil removing items. Not sure about the contract they passed out. And I'm just going to leave it at that. So folks, please do not purchase BP gas if you can. We are all waiting for the hurricane to hit, but we are not sure when, where, or how hard it is going to hit.


Joel said...

Never tried cheribundi before (in fact, I'd never heard of it prior to reading your post). Will need to check out their site.

Glad to hear that the oil hasn't reached you yet. It'll be a sad day when the beautiful beaches out in the panhandle get covered up with sludge.

Missy said...

So far, I like the stuff but I like the sourness!

No BP, No Exxon, check!


Not sure if I could handle Cherry after a tough workout. I am a chocolate milk guy.

No BP or here anyway, so not an issue!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I think it taste like cherry pie in a bottle. I love it, little on the pricey side though.

Christi said...

Thanks for the update on the oil crisis! I don't think I could do cheribundi. Not really a lover of cherrys but thanks for sharing the information!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

You look so Vanna White-ish! I've read about the differemt cherry juice blends but have never seen them at a store yet.
No BP gas for me. Glad to hear that there is no sign of oil on your nearby beaches. None here either...fingers crossed.
Mandy Q. Roo is ready to throw it down with Princess. As i made a pitstop for more water on my ride this evening, a lady came by me on her bike and said, "that's a nice looking bike!" She had our bike too!

Amy said...

Hmmmm, I wonder if mom-in-training counts? I'd sure like to try that drink after your wonderful write up. Never heard of it before but not I'm thirsty.

Never buying BP again. Ever.

erica said...

I thought Cheribundi was so delish!