Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is there something odd...

With this picture?

This is a photo from the wonderful world of cyclocross. I do not know much about this crazy sport, but I do know it's suppose to be a pretty darn good time. It's always fun to read about the crazy adventures of Judi as well as my friend Dishman (who is in that photo somewhere!)

Here are a few more photos that I stole from Dishman's facebook page:

Dishman and I before Beachblast last year

Yep...he raced like a princess for an event

Crown and all

And this photo was just too funny

This sport seems awesome...people involved in this sport seem not to take them selves to seriously, but will race their ass off. So cheers to anyone who decides to dress up like a beauty queen and ride like the wind. In the mud. And probably with a slight beer buzz.

In other random news:

My tri schedule as seemed to take a slight change this season due to weddings - so I will be racing the full Gulf Coast! Whoohoo! A race in my back yard! As well as some olys and sprints in the area. And we have a group who is planning to make the pilgrimage up to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon in October!

I feel bad about my previous post - the race is for a good cause. But I will no doubt find another way to help out that school. On the cost factor of races...I found a half marathon over on Pensacola Beach this weekend what ended up costing me a whopping $25.00 (including that darn fee!)

Thanks everyone for your feedback on the post! I truly appreciate the comments. Again, I'm all about paying for a good race :)


Anonymous said...

Nice job finding that cheap half. I've been looking for a spring one that isn't $75+ and haven't had luck. Some of the fall ones by me are in the $30 range.

Judi said...

hah!! CX folks are effing nuts!!! you should try it. it's a blast!

Missy said...

Yeah, cyclocross peeps remind me of the rugby types, hell, they probably do both for all I know. They're pretty daYum hardcore...too much for my blood. I'm not coordinated enough either.

Ami Albert said...

Just got a weird look at work--was scrolling down your post and my coworker was like "what are you looking at!" haha

Thanks for reading my blog! I get excited when I see a comment ha!

I'm really excited for Go! STL ( it'll be my second time running this race) Last year, my friend did it with me, but this year I'm doing it on my own, so I always looking for a running partner!


Cole said...

Cyclocross is crazy. I read an article about a naked race somewhere in VT. Can you imagine riding a bike naked?!

Teenage Tri Queen said...

Congrats on your super fast time in Pensacola!! Sorry the Seaside Half sold out so fast this year, I wish you could've raced in it! As a Seaside School student, I feel like I need to clarify some things in your last post. Sorry that you feel that the race is too expensive, but the school is given less money than public schools, and this race helps to pay for many things that my school has to offer such as, laptops that are available for all the students in each building, elective class, like yearbook, band, radio, and gardening. The lunches aren't provided for us, nor do we get them everyday. Each student pays for their lunch individually. All the money that we get from the race goes to the school, and we appreciate all the people that are doing this race. I am not participating this year, but I will be out there volunteering.

kristen said...

Girl, I LOVE you! Your so good!

Cyclocross is NUTZ. Serioulsy. their the hash harriers of triathlon. Nutz!

Jamie said...

CX racers are nuts. I've only done two, but they are definitely a unique breed.

Some are super relaxed and just out there to get muddy and have fun. (I met one woman once who always raced with a little beanie/helicopter thing on her helmet b'c it made her feel faster).
Others... totally hardcore. I saw what almost turned into a fist fight between a group of masters (+50 year old men!) after crashing in a mud pit. Insane! Those guys don't mess around.