Friday, December 18, 2009

My "I Will" List

The new year is right around the corner, what are you going to do that will make 2010 different then any other year? After reading Missy's 12 Challenges for 2009 last year - I was blown away. Why not make a challenging list to start of the new year...but better yet, not only make it a challenge, make it AWESOME.

I was on the 'most expensive yoga/running clothes but I love' web site the other day and came across this 'I Will List'

Wow. What an amazing concept. Kind of puts some pressure on you if you have an 'I will' list. I mean, I wish is one thing..but I will? What would you put on an 'I Will' list to kick off the new year? I have items in mind..but I will need to fine tune a few before I post them. Maybe I can find an App for my IPhone to keep my ass in gear? :)

I found my new guilty pleasure to replace Rock of Love. Jersey Shore. I know I know, cheesey - but they crack me up. I have learned a few things being that I would never fit in at the Jersey Shore and there is no way I could go out until 4am everyday for a fist pumping good time - but I might be able to get my hair high enough. Maybe...

...ok. Maybe not. BUT at least I will have a sweet nick name thanks to this LINK Just call me The Opportunity. :)

Don't forget!! KONA will be on ABC tomorrow (Saturday) at 3:30 central time!!


Judi said...

i like that too. i always do whatever it is i say i am going to do too, usually. :)

Missy said...

OK, you rock and thanks for the reminder. I've really go to look at my list, now. I think I have not achieved everything but I'm pretty close. Thanks for the shout out and fist pumps to you, sista. My nickname is The Back End, believe it!

RR said...

oh my god i am seriously addicted to Jersey shore. I even practiced some fist pump action last night because i am a loser like that.

Melissa said...

OMG. I started watching the show too. I can't believe people are really like that...for real? Seriously. I'm tempted to go there and try to fit it, it would be so funny! Addicted.

My name is "The Rack", which is fitting since my boobs are all of a sudden huge. TMI?

I love the "I will list" idea. I might do it too. I mean...I Will do it too :-)

Happy Christmas Chloe! Or Happy Holidays! I hope you have a fist-pumpin' good time with your fam! (I think that's what you are doing?).