Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ZOOMA Hilly Ass 1/2 Marathon

Saturday morning I left the beach to head up to Atlanta. The drive was fine thanks to the great sunny weather and my book on cd (make fun of me if you wish - but long drives by your self it's a life saver!). I made it to Karen's condo and we took off to go shopping. Oh the damage I would do if I lived in a large city again! The first place we went to was a consiment store where I made it out with 2 pairs of $200 each jeans for $66. Love it. Went to a few more places and then headed back home to meet up with Karen's hubby and went out to dinner. Got home early and hit the sack.
Sunday morning we got up around 5:30am (430 my time) and checked out the weather channel. Well - the wind chill was about 27. Ugh. I live in Florida! I'm not used to weather like this!! So after about 20 minutes deciding what we would wear we where out the door. Thanks to Karen's husband - we where dropped off right at the race site in Atlantic Station. After the bag check and a quick trip to the port-a-potty we where off. Not sure what pace we wanted, we had to pace bracelets on and pretty much stayed in between an 1:50 and a 1:55 finish time pace. Karen is a great person to run with because she just chats away and makes sure take your GU (which I forget about sometimes!!) She is kind of like running with your own coach! Anyway - hill after hill after hill I wanted to shoot myself. And normally you would think if you go up a hill, you'll go back down. Well, not in Atlanta. It's up one hill and then up another! But the pace was good, the weather was perfect, and the course was very scenic. The end came and we ended up coming in at 1:56:31. Pretty good considering the hills - but I know my next 1/2 I will be pushing to be under 1:55 :)
*Sorry, had to add the picture of the hot twins from Ironman Florida*

At the end of the race, came through the shoot and got a wonderful silver necklace! Well worth the hills! ***I'll post pictures tomorrow!!*** We didn't linger to long at the after party - sweat and cold do not mix to well!

Here are my overall results:
Total: 113 out of 770
Sex: 90 out of 711
AG: 16 out of 113

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Missy said...

That rocks and I DO love that necklace, what a treat from a crappy medal on your door knob! Ah, the twins, they did the WHOLE race together too until the last .2 or so.