Friday, August 15, 2008

Workout Related

So - I'm going to start doing this every Friday. Kind of like a 'review' of my workouts of the week.
Saturday - 30 miles on the bike/3400yd swim
Sunday-Yard work (counts in my book!)
Monday-Off (weather)
Tuesday-4.5 mile run
Weds- Off (weather)
Thursday-Off (weather)
Friday- 8.5 mile run
Ok - this week was kind of off due to the awesome rain we've had down here. Plus I've been picking up a few babysitting jobs after work, so that has been taking up some time.

Not to mention how AWESOME the Olympics have been this year! I've been glued.


Patricio said...

Nice pics fo ur STL trip.... sounds like you had a blast. Yeah the AB tour is always fun.... and nothing beats the free beer at the end, rite? Maybe next time we can meet up and do a race!
Keep up with the training!

Laura said...

Hey Chloe - hope everything's okay, I realized you haven't posted in a while!