Friday, March 20, 2009

Swimming, Walmart, and Cobia

I love the people that swim at my pool. I went to the pool yesterday to get in a leisurely 3000 yards. Maybe some 400 repeats, some pulls, IM's, fun stuff like that. After getting in a 600 warm up and a 400 pull, I decided to do 5X100's on the 1:45. First 100 IM, 2nd free, 3rd IM and so on. It felt great. Then rocked out another 400 pull. And then some of the older men who WIN freaking masters events jump in the lane next to me. "Hey Chloe, what are you doing today? Any intervals? Can we join?" What am I going to say? No? "Of course! I'm about to start 5X100 free on the 1:30". Done. "Hey Chloe, what do you want to do next? IM's?" Sure! I'm totally game. I forget how awesome intervals are when you are actually doing them with someone else! 5X100 IM's on the 2:00. Loved every single one of the 100's. I could have stayed another hour swimming with these guys...but I had to be at the most dreaded place in the world. Well, for me. Walmart.

Yes, I had to go to Walmart. I was on my last pair of contacts - which I ripped the day before. So I had no choice. Thankfully the eye place is right when you come in the door. So I was in and out before I had to deal with the Walmart crowd plus the spring breakers. Phew. You know you're Walmart is awesome when it has an AIRBRUSH station right in the front. Anyway, the parking lot was a whole other program. No - I do not want to meet you at LaVela. No, you don't know me from your chem class in Auburn. But I guess I should take it as a compliment that I can still pass as a collage student :)

Jason and I have both been very busy this week. Me with work, training, and babysitting. Jason with trips. Cobia have started to run (Cobia = some of the best tasting fish ever!) - so he's been booked all week and running trips back to back. Needless to say, we've both been going from 5am to about 10pm almost every night this week. So last night, we went to our favorite hole in the wall mexican place for chicken tacos and to enjoy some down time!

Cobia we caught last year....YUM!!!

Natalie, Myself and Paul

Sonny and Jason

Yeah Friday!!


Amy said...

Um, I hate Walmart too. Can't stand it. And, I was laughing about the airbrush comment. TOO Funny.

Glad you got in and out of there in a jiff. Oh, and I'm stealing part of your swim workout for mine today. Thanks!


Bill said...

Nice Cobia! Great swim workout too. It always helps to have that workout buddy. Everyone works a little harder.

Missy said...

YES, swimming with people so much better!!! I love it too and have a great bunch.

OH, OH, I know exactly the Walmart you're talking about. I think we had shirts made there one year during Gulf Coast b/c we thought it was HIGHlarious.

Eileen Swanson said...

Great swim, seriously....that is awesome and I love that you wanted to stay in for another hour ;-) Cool!!

Melissa said...

OMGosh I missed your last post...they made WTWTA into a movie!? That's going to be so interesting!

You guys sound very busy! What's an airbrush station at Walmart? At first I thought you meant a tanning-air brush station, but maybe you mean those awesome airbrushed t-shirts that say your name or "Spring Break 2009!" in cheesy pastel strokes. Hmmm...I'd be scared of your Walmart too.

Nice job on the intervals!

Judi said...

i can't do walmart either.

your swim times are awesome!

thanks for all your kind words on my blog about bruno too. it's appreciated.

Amanda said...

I avoid Walmart at all costs. Those that love it utterly amaze me.

Nice job on the swim sets! Get some rest, girl...NO is coming soon!

SimonSays said...

Hey Chloe -

Just checking up on you! Sounds like you have been busy and really enjoying your training. The cobia are amazing!!! No big fishing trips planned for us - might do a little thing in Baja later this year, but not focused on fishing. Hope all is well! Run strong!

- Suzanne

KK said...

LOL at the airbrush thing. Did you see couples out front getting matching his and hers airbrushed tshirts like how you see at amusement parks?

You are getting lots done. And it's funny to me that spring break traffic would cause a trainer ride. I never really thought about that before but I would soooo be annoyed by that too.

The weather looks so nice there, I am coming down there in one week so tell your weather peeps to keep up the good work!

kristen said...

Schools in and your the teacher! Cool swim 'class'. Everybody wants to swim with Chloe. Very cool. I'm using part of the for my workout today too. thanks teach ;)

WalMart. Gross.

Denise W said...

Cobia are a great fish! jealous. And your swimming partners sound awesome. It's always nice to have someone(s) to challenge your pace!

Keith said...

I'm going to pretend you didn't say Wal@#$!

Those are some serious fish!

I am totally jealous of your weather.