Friday, December 19, 2008

You have a a bar

You never know who you will meet on a random Thursday night. Living here we run into some pretty random people - Michelle Kwan (ice skater) was here last week, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo spend time here, and this time of the year you'll see the members of American Rejects out and about quite a bit. But last night took the cake. Captain Morgan - the smoking, cat calling bird who only shits when you hold him over a deck. This bird was pretty darn cool. The owner, Jim, had 17 birds at one time and actually traveled with his wife doing bird shows. It was a pretty neat story about how they got into it. They first purchased a bird for pet therapy - and it escalated from there. They went all over the county with their flock of birds entertaining. He is now down to four brids - but this bird specifically had a pretty cool story.

Captain Morgan was once owned by a general who kept the bird in his office at the Pentagon. Well, according to Jim, this type of bird can be traumatized and can effect the Bird for the rest of his life. Captain Morgan was in the Pentagon durning 911 - so he had some anger issues for awhile.
Jim ended up adopting Captain five years ago and pretty much saved the bird from being put down. The bird is around 40 years old - and they can live to be between 80-100. So good old Jim has a friend for life.

But I'm not going to lie - birds like that kind of freak me out (as you can tell by the pictures). I just think about that huge beak and how it can look at me and take off my nose.

After such a crappy and stressful day yesterday - I have to admit that running into Captain Morgan really lifted my mood :) Not only that - but last night was just one of those good, unplanned, evenings. Jason and I went out for a glass of wine (or two) and some dinner and ended up running into some good friends of ours. Everyone has been really busy lately (one being a mortgage broker, one being a builder, and me being a property insurance agent) so it felt so good to catch up and unwind for a bit. I remember when I was younger how I didn't understand why it was so hard for people to get together. I mean - who wouldn't want to be able to go out to dinner with your friends every night? But now it's hard for us to even chat on the phone! With the holidays, work, and training - at the end of the day I just want to lay in my bed, with a good book and veg.

Ahhh..when ever I'm finished with my work today, my sister Allison and I are off to St. Louis for the week! Soooo excited to have some quality time with the family - plus I LOVE that town. So much to do and see - great places to eat with wonderful live bands to dance to!! For those of you who live in the St. Louis area - you'll see me making my rounds of Forrest Park for my long run of the week! I can't think of a cooler run - not only do you get to run by a huge outdoor skating rink, but you get to run by the St. Louis Zoo! And the best part is - is that my whole family runs as well. We seriously look like a track team when we run. Love it.

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Missy said...

I love Captain Morgan! Birds are weird, though. Especially when they talk to you, kind of freaky and they live so dang have to will them to someone when you die for crying out loud. Have a great time in St. Louis!